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  • Art, whether the visual arts, music, architecture, or creative writing, is the expression of those ideas and forms that civilizations have held to be most profound. John Keats perfectly expressed this position in his great poem “Ode on a Grecian Urn”: “Beauty is truth, truth beauty,—that is all / Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.” Keats has reduced all that is valuable in life to truth and beauty, which is ultimately the same thing. Along these lines, to study creative writing is to learn to say something important but also to say it well.
  • Creative Writing also has practical as well as a self-expressive application. Creative Writing offers a unique preparation for future courses of study in most occupations, especially since writing is so prevalent and essential in all that we do. Being able to eloquently articulate our observations, experiences, ideas, thoughts, feelings and beliefs in writing is a boon, and one that will serve us each day of our lives, in any endeavor we face.
  • Creative Writing offers students a solid background in all aspects of craft, from literary techniques such as sound devices and figurative language to narrative techniques such as plot construction, character development, and point of view. Students also hone basic language skills including grammar and usage. Different classes emphasize different tools any writer should have in his or her toolbox. Classes on offer include: Poetry, Poetry and Transcendence, Screenwriting, Fiction Writing, Memoir Writing, Personal Essay Writing, Writing for Profit, Travel Writing, Photo Journalism, Graphic Narrative, Creative Process, Writers on Writing, and advanced writing classes.
  • The Creative Writing Program holds students to professional standards with publication as the primary goal. Students receive constructive feedback is keen and specific, though never crushing in respect to their personal interests. Students are taught to examine their own and each other’s work objectively, with an analytical eye, and always with the aim to improve and inspire.
  • Creative Writing track seeks to prepare students in a practical manner for careers involving writing, editing, or publishing. The program offers on-going opportunities for students to participate in contests and to publish in local and regional magazines. The program has an ongoing relationship with a local publishing house; if a student writes a high-quality children’s book on the topic of fearlessness, this work might be selected for publication. Local professionals regularly visit classes to talk about the publishing world, journalism, children’s book writing, songwriting and other aspects of the field. MUM’s Creative Writing program encourages and facilitates student internships.

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