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Emily Dickinson

Emily Dickinson

Literature and writing students at MUM are thoughtful, knowledgeable, and well-read, and they have outstanding writing and speaking skills. These are abilities that employers look for.

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Our graduates have pursued careers as editors, copywriters, and journalists, while others have gone on to graduate school in education, literature, and creative writing at schools such as Columbia, San Francisco State, and the University of Iowa. Still others have gone into a wide range of other careers.

What Are A Literature Major’s Career Opportunities?


There are a host of writing possibilities. Some choose to become poets or novelists. Others choose to work in business. Almost every company, the government, and most other organizations need writers to process information and communicate with the world.


Like writing, organizations need people who have a feel for language, who understand how to use that which is acceptable, effective, and interesting.


There are always needs for English teachers in preparatory schools, in middle and high schools, in community colleges, at online institutions, and in four-year colleges and universities.

Other Occupations:

Literature majors can be found in the arts, public relations, politics, administration, fundraising, advertising, and broadcasting, to name a few.

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