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Peter Just

“I am passionate about improving my own understanding as well as the way I teach object-orientation at all levels, from beginner to expert, from analysis & programming to enterprise architecture. The OO paradigm has been difficult to learn for both new and experienced programmers. There is still a lot to understand about how to best utilize this powerful paradigm in our software development efforts and even more so about how to best teach it. My mission is to contribute to the teaching, application and evolution of this paradigm.”


  • BS, University of Baghdad
  • MS, Maharishi University of Management


  • Object Oriented Analysis & Design (OOAD) with UML
  • Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)
  • Enterprise Application Architecture
  • OO Design and Architecture Patterns & Principles
  • Java/JEE Technologies


  • Professor Just’s exposure to the object-oriented paradigm in software development began in 1991 while working as a C++ developer on scientific 3-D graphics visualization software.
  • In 1994 he started applying the same skills to enterprise applications in the telecommunication industry and later switched to Java and JEE technologies.
  • Since 1999 he has been an independent consultant, instructor for corporate training courses and a university professor.
  • He has developed several professional and academic computer science courses.

Professional interest

  • His professional interest is in improving the understanding of object-orientation, how to best apply object-oriented principles to all phases of the software development process from the analysis of complex problem domains using objects to the design and implementation of those domains in object-oriented programming languages and technologies such as Java/JEE, C# and C++.
  • He also has a special interest in solving real-world enterprise application and architecture issues using open-source technologies based on Java/JEE.


  • CS401 Modern Programming Practices (MPP)
  • CS545 Distributed Computing (DCOMP)
  • CS547 Distributed Architecture (DARCH)

Consulting activities

  • Corporate training in object-oriented technologies
  • Mentoring development teams in applying object-orientation in their programming practices
  • Advising corporations on how to adopt object-oriented technologies within their organizations

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