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Minors in Business


Enhance your career

Add a business minor to an Art degree, Media & Communications degree, Math degree… Any degree program can be enhanced with the practicality of Business.

To graduate with a Minor in Business Administration, students must complete 20 credits of course work in business, including MGT 200 Principles of Business Success.



Minor in World Peace

Changing the collective consciousness

Maharishi University of Management is uniquely qualified to offer a minor in World Peace.

To graduate with this minor, students must complete MVS/GOV 380 The Individual as the Unit of World Peace and GOV 290 Collective Consciousness and World Peace, and 12 credits of course work from a specific list of courses.



Minor in Government

Universal Principles for success

This Minor in Government encompasses the universal principles of all governments, while spanning a wide variety of topics, such as International Law, Ethics, Human Resources, and more. To graduate with a Minor in Government, students must complete 20 credits of coursework.