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Concept to Market Institute

Make Your Idea a Reality

Do you have a product idea that you want to bring to life? Our Concept to Market Institute (CTMI) will help you through the steps that it takes to turn your product into a business. With a solid
education in business and emphasis on personal development, you’ll graduate this program as more than just an entrepreneur — you’ll be an influencer with the potential to change the business landscape.

At Our Concept to Market Institute, You Will:

  • Develop an innovative product or service through our low-stress program, which features one full time course per month, meditation, a healthy lifestyle, and more
  • Design each element of your business launch, from product development and manufacturing to ad design and creative implementation, with personal guidance from experts in business, marketing and advertising
  • Connect to experienced advisors and potential investors who will help you through the funding process to get your business running

Become More Creative with Less Stress

Our program will hone your entrepreneurial creativity while lowering stress. While you’re developing your business plan you’ll be practicing the Transcendental Meditation® technique, which has been scientifically proven to reduce stress and enhance brain functioning.

You’ll also be taking one full-time course per month, eating organic vegetarian meals, and pursuing a healthy lifestyle.

The inaugural CTMI class at MUM

Develop Your Product from Start to Finish

Students in MUM’s BA in Business Administration program work with the CTMI to develop their own unique products as a part of their senior capstone project.

Led by Clifford Rose, a successful marketing professional with 30+ years of experience, the CTMI will teach you how to develop innovative, socially conscious, and environmentally friendly ideas and show you how to turn them into real, successful business ventures.

These courses don’t end with product development, either. Our faculty will continue helping you guide your product to market, even after the course is over, for as long as the product needs to become viable.

A Supportive Community

You’ll be surrounded by students who share your vision and want to make the world a better place and by faculty and staff who will support the growth of your new business as well as your individual growth.

In addition, Fairfield, IA has been named the “Entrepreneurial Capital of Iowa,” having attracted $280 million in venture capital in the last twenty years — one-third of Iowa’s total. This unique Iowa town is a perfect place to get your start in the business world.

Learn from World-class Mentors

You’ll be learning from experts in every field of business including finance, marketing, branding, manufacturing, retail, sales, and legal services.

Additionally, you’ll be connected with potential investors who can help you through the funding process to get your business running.

Own Your Business

When you graduate, your product is all yours — you retain all of the rights to your new business. You can choose to continue an affiliation with MUM or take the product out into the world all on your own.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who teaches in the Concept to Market Institute?

A team of experienced business leaders who have been developing ideas and products and guiding companies successfully for decades.

Their areas of expertise, in addition to developing ideas into successful new products, are market analysis, global manufacturing, mass market retail distribution, wholesale distribution, business-to-business and consumer marketing, multi-media development (including TV, radio, web, social and mobile Media, direct sales, marketing and distribution, creative media development, and Live Home Shopping marketing).

All this experience is focused on helping students succeed at MUM and in the business world after graduation.

Will student's products actually go to market?

That’s the goal. But even if a student’s idea is not selected for further development, all students participate in areas of creative product introduction, development, creative marketing design, and sales.

Nothing looks better on a first-time resume than direct experience.

After the initial block ends, what happens to the new products and services?

Students continue working within the CTMI on a weekly and sometimes daily basis, focusing on their products or business development. This keeps the process moving toward creative marketing development, testing, and eventually product roll-out.

How do I find out more about The Concept To Market Institute at MUM?

Contact MUM Admissions
Phone: 800-369-6480
Outside the US: 1-641-472-1110



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