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Projects Seeking Donors

Business Administration Department Designated a “Growth Center”

Thank you for your interest in donating to support the expansion projects of the Business Department.

In MUM’s Five-Year Strategic Plan, the Business Administration Department is listed as one of the University’s “growth centers,” along with the departments of Sustainable Living, Physiology & Health, Media & Communications, and Computer Science. Growth centers generally get special funding from a strategic reserve to support their expansionary activities. With the current strategic priorities, and the limited operational budget given the current size of MUM, the Business Department’s status as a growth center is largely in name, for inspirational value. Our operating budget per student is at the average for the University as a whole. The Executive Committee of MUM, which allocates strategic funds, views our department as an ocean liner, a large ship (department) that moves steadily forward, though we prefer to think of ourselves as a fleet of cruisers (degree programs) that are small, nimble and fast. That said, our ideas for growth in the Department of Business Administration will need the support of donors at least to get started. The following are our main priorities.

Development of Online MBA Courses ($30,000 in $3,000 increments)
As subcontractor on a grant from the Skoll Foundation to the Maharishi Institute in South Africa, we made good progress in putting our undergraduate business courses online for use by the Maharishi Institute. We will launch our Online MBA in the spring of 2013, and we need to port our advanced MBA courses from their current on-site versions to online. That takes 4-8 weeks of full-time work per course, and to free our faculty up for that work we need to hire an adjunct to substitute for the regular faculty member’s teaching, or we pay the faculty on overload. Either way, it will cost us $3,000 per course. Among our MBA specializations in sustainable business, business process improvement, and accounting, we have ten courses that need to be put online. We will accept donations in $3,000 increments, course by course.

Development of the Online Graduate Certificate in Management Information Systems (MIS) ($12,000 in $3,000 increments)
We were very fortunate to hire Dr. Anil Maheshwari this year as Associate Professor of Management Information Systems. He sees a great opportunity for MUM to offer a graduate certificate in Management Information Systems. The initial population of students will come from graduates of the University’s very successful MS in Computer Science. A recent survey of those graduates turned up 42 who are moving into management positions and want to get a graduate certificate consisting of 4 courses (16 credits). The cost to develop and put each course online will be about $3,000.

Casebook in Lean Accounting ($10,000)
Our Associate Professor Andrew Bargerstock was named 2009 Lean Accounting Professor of the Year by the Lean Management Institute. He and Instructor Linlin Shi have developed a Graduate Certificate in Lean Accounting and have realized that, while there are textbooks on the topic, there is no good book of cases that illustrate the concepts or that can help students learn through practical examples. With release time secured by donations of $5,000 each, Dr. Bargerstock and Ms. Shi would have time to research and write this case book.

Textbook on Metrics for Sustainability ($10,000)
Professor Scott Herriott has developed a course in our MBA specialization in Sustainable Business called “Metrics for Sustainability.” It examines the principles and methods used in the various programs for certifying products, processes, buildings and organizations as “sustainable” or “green.” When Dr. Herriott mentioned this idea to a publisher in 2011, the publisher said that this would be a hot topic for a book and that he should get it done quickly. To make the time, we need to find adjuncts or others to help cover some of Dr. Herriott’s normal teaching load. $10,000 over two years would bring this book to completion.

This is just a preliminary list. We will add more projects to this page in the coming month.

With all gratitude and best wishes,

Scott R. Herriott, PhD (Stanford University, Management Science and Engineering)
Professor of Business and Co-Chair
Department of Business Administration


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