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In July 2013 and July 2012, the MUM business faculty hosted conferences on Deep Green Sustainability with distinguished speakers from around the world. These conferences were convened to explore the thesis: “There must be a transformation of consciousness in order to truly ’embed’ sustainability in our companies and our society.”

The PhD program at MUM is a community of inquiry for continued exploration of questions suggested by this thesis, including:

  • What is consciousness?
  • How can we study the transformation of consciousness on the individual and collective level?
  • What are the indicators of embedded sustainability?
  • What are the mechanics of embedding sustainability?
  • How can research be designed to explore the connections between consciousness and sustainability?

We welcome you to join us in this cutting edge exploration of the potential to transform organizations and societies through profound consciousness-based approaches to sustainability. — Dr. Dennis Heaton, Director

PhD in Management

Study Sustainable Management

The PhD program in Management at MUM explores how organizations create sustainable value that fulfills the interests of the organization through producing positive impacts for society and the environment.

Our investigations of sustainable management encompass three components:

  • Developing holistic consciousness in the manager
  • Managing the transformation of organizations toward sustainable practices
  • The measurement and communication of sustainability outcomes.

Each of these components is covered in the coursework and they represent the scope of our programmatic research on consciousness-based sustainability in management.

The evolution of individual and collective consciousness cultivates the learning capabilities of systems thinking, collaborative relationships, and creative visioning to create sustainable value.

This evolving consciousness expresses itself in new management practices and forms of organization that enable organizations to innovatively address social and environmental needs. Evolving consciousness also attends to and reports on a holistic range of performance outcomes, encompassing economic, social, and environmental results.

In the PhD program at Maharishi University of Management, sustainable management is studied in the light of the Science and Technology of Consciousness. This program in Consciousness-Based℠ Management for Sustainability provides understanding and experience of the total intelligence of Nature, which automatically manages the infinitely complex and evolving universe without strain and without mistakes. Students in this program practice technologies for personal growth toward better health, clearer thinking, greater creativity, moral development, and wisdom.

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