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To graduate with an MBA degree under this option, students must successfully complete all general requirements for a master’s degree including Development of Consciousness. Degree requirements for the Accounting Professionals MBA program are a minimum of 53 credit credits, plus participation in the Development of Consciousness program.

Academic Elements

The Accounting Professionals MBA Program consists of three academic elements:

  1. Foundational Studies that provide a solid interdisciplinary framework and subjects in key functional areas to build management capabilities,
  2. Advanced Studies that provide opportunities to sharpen knowledge in financial or managerial accounting and related areas, and
  3. Curricular Practical Training (CPT) through co-operative accounting positions with business enterprises or NGOs to enhance applied business skills.

Students need a minimum of 53 credits of academic credit across the three elements that follow:

  • Foundational Studies (16-18 credits)
  • Advanced Studies (26-28 credits)
    • Students are encouraged to study for the four parts of the CPA exam (16 credits) or the two parts of the CMA exam (8 credits).
    • Additional advanced courses include topics such as finance, industry analysis, business process improvement, and lean accounting.
  • Practicum (9 credits)
    • At least 9 credits of MGT 5910 Practicum Away coincident with curricular practical training (CPT) in a full-time accounting-related position.

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