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Maharishi Universityof Management


Management Information Systems

Graduate Certificate Program

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What will students get from this certificate program?

This is a special program that will provide you with the theories, skills and expertise to strategically utilize information technologies in organizations, and drive business value. All this while developing your own consciousness and capabilities. Upon completion of this program, you will:

  • Understand the social and organizational context, how to create Digital Business Strategy , how to align IT and organizational strategies; and to drive innovation, differentiation, collaboration, in a competitive manner.
  • Understand business information requirements and processes, and how to design and develop integrated Information systems and web applications. You will learn to manage IT projects, under budget and on schedule.
  • Understand how to use emerging technologies to make your IT Infrastructure cost-effective, resilient, secure and flexible.
  • Understand the world of Big Data and predictive analytics,and how to analyze the data in near real time and provide actionable insights.

2. How does the class work? What is the style of delivering the course content?

This is designed to be an online program. There will be weekly video conferences using Adobe Connect tools. The video lectures will be available for anytime anywhere viewing.

There will be use of Learning Management Systems like Sakai for discussion forums, written assignments, group projects, and final exams.

3. What materials are used for each course?

The class will use a textbook for each course. There will also be use of case studies to demonstrate different ways of managing IT.

4. Is there any way to show the Sakai platform? Can you set up a trial demo for prospective students to try it?

Sakai is an easy to use web-based platform. We will provide a tutorial on the use of Sakai.

5. How is this certificate program different from just buying the book and studying on one's own?

  • You will be part of a small and intimate learning community. An instructor will present materials in an easy way. He/she will also clarify any doubts and answer any questions.
  • You will receive feedback to tailor the learning process to suit your pace, while ensuring that learning continues to happen at a desirable pace.
  • You will get a valuable certificate that will distinguish from all others in the marketplace.

6. What is our value-added?

We are the home of Consciousness-based education ™ . You will learn in a Consciousness-based educational methodology. The program will focus on the development of the individual student’s capabilities and consciousness, as much as imparting technical content.

7. How many courses do I take? How long does it take?

You will need to take about 5-6 courses, for a total of 18 credits. You can take 4-8 credits per semester. There will be choices in selecting courses for study; for managerial track or the technical track.

8. What is the cost of the Certificate program?

The cost of the program is approximately $400 /credit hour.

9. How does it compete with other universities?

  • This is a special and unique Conscious-based education program (CBE). It provides not only great MIS knowledge but also development of consciousness. You learn the technique of Transcendental Meditation, and meditate regularly twice a day. For more on the benefits of CBE, click here.
  • The faculty in the MIS department has strong academic and industry experience, which helps provides a good blend of knowledge and skill in the content of the course.
  • The Computer Science department at MUM is one of the largest Masters program in Computer Science in the U.S. Due to the strong collaboration between the departments, some of the technical MIS courses would be taught by the esteemed CS faculty. Thus the students will get the benefit to learn from a broad set of faculty.

10. Contact Information

You can contact us for more information about this exciting new program by calling 800-369-6480, or use the “email us” form at the bottom of this page.


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