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BBC and NACE Report Good News for MUM MBAs

MBA graduates are in high demand. A recent BBC article on the currently “bullish” market for graduating MBAs proclaimed this the “best market in years” for MBAs seeking employment. “It’s going to be a (graduating) students’ market for the next 15-plus years,” Steve Schroeder, assistant dean at the University of Wisconsin’s School of Business, said in the article. Further illustrating the high market value of different MBA specializations, a report issued earlier this year by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) listed Business Administration/management, Management Information...

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Lean Accounting Article Accepted by IMA

An article written by MBA faculty members Dr. Andrew Bargerstock and Ye Shi has received favorable review for publication in an upcoming issue of Strategic Finance, the monthly peer-reviewed journal of the Institute for Management Accountants (IMA).

The article entitled, “Leaning Away from Standard Costing? – Reconciling Lean Accounting Theory and Practice,” examines an inconsistency in Lean accounting theory and practice related to use of standard costing in US manufacturing enterprises that utilize Toyota-style process improvement techniques.

As much of the Lean Accounting literature suggests, when Lean...

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Two MBA Teams from MUM Finish Top 15% in Simulation

Dr. Andrew Bargerstock, Director of MBA Programs at Maharishi University of Management (MUM) in Fairfield, Iowa, announced that both MBA teams from MUM finished in the Top 15% of 68 graduate-level teams who participated recently in an online business decision-making simulation. The teams finished in 95th and 88th percentiles.

The CAPSIM Foundation Simulation is a continuous event available on-line where participant teams earn points for optimizing a set of both short-term and long-term performance metrics.  A team’s final score is the basis for comparison to other teams. Through the Foundation...

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Young Business Alumni Joins MUM Board of Trustees

The MUM Board of Trustees is adding young leaders to its ranks: one of them is Ram Shrivastava, 29, from India.

Ram received his undergraduate degree in business administration from Apeejay School of Marketing, New Delhi, in 2006, and graduated from MUM in 2011 with an MBA in sustainable business.

“I wanted to have my MBA degree in a business school that offered holistic development and not just trained me to get a job,” said Ram. “The MBA in sustainable business...

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Top CEO Speaks on Conscious Leadership

Scott Brickman, retired chairman and CEO of the largest commercial landscaping company in the U.S. with over 10,000 employees, recently spoke on campus about the “15 commitments of conscious leadership.”

Conscious leadership organizations focus on long-term results rather than short-term profits, Mr. Brickman said. They also value team performance, compassion and caring, training and development, and transparency. Rather than using bonuses to motivate employees, conscious leadership organizations use higher forms of motivation such as intrinsic rewards to leverage each individual’s unique capacities.

“For me true success and happiness is following...

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Business Students Win Toastmaster Awards

Two MUM business students received awards at a meeting of the Fairfield Toastmasters Club last month.

MBA student Luke Hillis won an award for his prepared speech “Getting to Bed on Time” and Ivan Garcia for his impromptu talk on the Valentine’s Day theme “Roses or Chocolates?”

Mr. Hillis is a member of Toastmasters. Mr. Garcia and his classmates in a management course on communication attended as guests. Along with Mr. Garcia, three other students bravely volunteered to present during the impromptu talks portion of the meeting.

Both talks will...

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Scott Brickman to Speak on Conscious Leadership

As part of the Maharishi University of Management Distinguished Lecture Series, highly successful businessman Scott Brickman will be speaking on “Conscious Leadership” on Tuesday, March 2nd at 1:00 pm in Argiro’s Dalby Hall.

Mr. Brickman is Chairman of the Board of the Brickman Group, the largest commercial landscape maintenance firm in the United States. The firm has more than 10,000 employees and more than 170 company-owned and operated branches serving 30 states. He also practices the Transcendental Meditation technique.

Among his many accomplishments, Mr. Brickman:

Upcoming Events

May 23, 2015: Commencement
June 26-27, 2015: Deep Green Business Symposium
August 2015: Online MIS Graduate Program, New Entry
September 10-13: ISOL Conference

Commencement – May 23, 2015

The former Prime Minister of Japan, Dr. Yukio Hatoyama, will be the Commencement Speaker during graduation exercises this May.  At that time Dr. Hatoyama will also be honored with the honorary degree of Doctor of Laws (Continue Reading

Measuring Your Carbon Footprint

MUM’s Dr. Scott Herriott will be giving a free presentation on how to measure your carbon footprint on Tuesday, February 17th, in Argiro’s Festival Hall at 7:30 pm.

The term “carbon footprint” refers to the amount of greenhouse gasses that an individual produces during their day-to-day life, which is an indicator of how much they contribute to climate change. Greenhouse gasses can come from a variety of sources, including transportation, food production/consumption, fuels, manufactured goods, buildings, and services. When all of these factors are considered together and total greenhouse gas...

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Dr. Herriott Authors Textbook on Sustainable Tech

Management professor Scott Herriott published a textbook in December titled Feasibility Analysis for Sustainable Technologies: An Engineering-Economic Perspective.

Business Experts Press published the 300-page book as part of their Environmental and Social Sustainability for Business Advantage Collection, edited by Chris Laszlo, the well-known author of Embedded Sustainability.

Dr. Herriott’s book walks readers through a feasibility analysis of a renewable-energy or energy-efficiency project. Included are a basic description of the technology, cash flow analysis, and examples of a variety of sustainable projects. The book is useful to business students and to...

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