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An MBA Love Story: Nick Coelho and Shuya Zhang

Sustainable MBA students Nick and Shuya met and fell in love at Maharishi University of Management. Shuya grew up in China and got her undergraduate degree in English studies. Wanting to put her new language skills to the test, she enrolled at MUM. There she met Nick, a New Jerseyan whose hectic past of culinary arts, international hospitality management, and psychology led him to the calm lifestyle of MUM.

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MUM Business Students Excel in Mediation Tournament Again

MUM made its presence known at the International Intercollegiate Mediation Tournament held at the Drake University Law School November 13-14.  32 teams from 19 schools participated in the tournament.  The client/advocate team of Tal Ron and Nahshon Yisrael came in 5th in the individual category (this was out of 64 team competitors) and the team of Tal Ron, Lauren Webster and Nahshon Yisrael after competing in the semifinals and finals placed third over all in the Client/advocate team category.  The team of Janet McDonald, Lauren Webster and Nahshon Yisrael received a...

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Deep Green Business Symposium Videos

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United Nations Celebratory Events

Chris Whatley, Executive Director of the United Nations Association for the US, came to Maharishi University of Management (MUM) to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the United Nations. Mr. Whatley gave a talk on Wednesday, October 21st clarifying the duties of the United Nations Association, hosted a career workshop for students after school on Thursday, October 22nd, and gave a presentation on climate change followed by a panel discussion on Thursday evening. 

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Marci Shimoff, BA in Business, 1979

Marci Shimoff is a world-renowned inspirational speaker and #1 NY Times bestselling author who specializes in helping people become happier. In the past year, she’s given talks in Russia, Ukraine, Japan, China, and Budapest, and has spoken to audiences of 10,000+.

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MUM Business Students Win 1st Place in Mediation Tournament

Last weekend (October 23rd and 24th) Maharishi University of Management (MUM) hosted our annual Peacemaker’s Intercollegiate Mock Mediation Tournament.  This is the 6th year we have hosted a competition. Ten teams competed in three rounds after a training session on Friday afternoon.  Schools competing were University of Dubuque, Lewis University from Illinois and Principia College from Illinois.


MUM’s Lauren Webster tied for first place in the Individual Mediator category with Elle Lannon from University of Dubuque. Lauren Webster and Nashon Yisrael tied for first place in the Client/Advocate category. Tal Ron came in second in the same category.  The MUM...

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Sustainable MBA Student Nakita Bruno Publishes E-book

After completing her bachelor’s degree in human resources, Nakita Bruno went back to her home in Dominica. Excited to improve customer service on her island, Nakita said, “[I] could not sit at home and wait for a job so… I took [out] a small loan and opened a small fusion restaurant called Yum.” Although “managing a start up business with capital in the challenging Dominican economy proved to be tougher than [she] anticipated,” the decision to create her own restaurant with her newly gained HR knowledge speaks to Nakita’s driven...

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Leigh Lester-Holmes: Bringing Entrepreneurship into the Nonprofit Sector

Leigh Lester-Holmes holds a master’s degree in business management with a specialization in public administration. She had worked in the nonprofit sector for ten years when she decided to apply for a doctoral degree. However, she didn’t want to commit to a university until she could find something that would help her focus on her studies.

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Runzhao Xie’s Entrepreneurship Project

When asked to describe Maharishi University of Management, 20 year old Chinese undergraduate, Runzhao Xie simply said “a loving, positive atmosphere.” Being the keen business student that he is, it wasn’t surprising to learn that Runzhao modeled his entrepreneurship project after MUM’s key strength: a peaceful ambiance.

For his senior project, Runzhao developed a business plan for a relaxation company named Zen Bar. “Located at the heart of Wall Street, it provides soundproof rooms with massage chairs and customizable… background music, aroma and lighting,” Runzhao explained. “[I] aimed to create an accessible...

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Data Analytics Book by Dr. Maheshwari #2 on Amazon

Data Analytics Made Accessible, by Professor Anil Maheshwari, recently ranked no. 2 on among all books in the Data Mining category.

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