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Uplifting Society Through Business: Interview with MBA Graduate Momone Maley

Summer in Iowa is marked by the roar of the cicadas and the skyrocketing stalks of corn. At Maharishi University of Management, it is a time when we are not only preparing for the arrival of our new students but also reflecting back on our recent graduates. One beautiful sunny day, I had the chance to interview this year’s outstanding MBA student award recipient, Momone Maley. Upon arriving at our meeting Momone gifted me a small bouquet of freshly picked lemon balm and chamomile. “Just hang it upside down and...

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Business professor, Anil Maheshwari, talks about life at MUM

Data analytics expert and former employee of IBM explains why he chose to teach at Maharishi University of Management. Click play to hear Anil Maheshwari‘s experience at MUM.

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MUM Alumna Brings Business Approach to Teaching TM

Mariam Daudi came to the US at the age of five with her family as a refugee of war from Afghanistan during the Soviet-Afghan war. After living in Pakistan for two years they received asylum in the US and moved to Kansas City, Kansas. Two years later they settled down in Upland, a suburb of Los Angeles, where Mariam’s father worked as a small business owner.

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MUM Lean Six Sigma Case Study Published

An article summarizing a step-by-step lean process improvement project at Maharishi University of Management (MUM) entitled, “Case Study: Application of DMAIC to Academic Assessment in Higher Education,” will be published by the peer reviewed journal, Quality Assurance for Higher Education in August 2015 (Vol. 7, No. 2).

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Deep Green Business Symposium

Last weekend, the Maharishi University of Management College of Business hosted its 3rd annual Deep Green Business Symposium. This year’s topic focused on “Global Green Opportunities and Technologies” where 16 speakers discussed subjects as vast as community development and optimization of a product’s life cycle.  As diverse as they were, all presentations encompassed a unifying theme of consciousness and the key role that it plays in sustainability.

Philosophies of Sustainability

Department cochair Dr. Scott Herriott compared different famous philosophies to establish the point that in order to quantify sustainability we...

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Good Fortune: Random or Planned? An Interview with PhD Graduate Stan Kendz

Have you ever been thinking about someone when suddenly you run into them out of the blue? What about being in what seems to be the exact right place at the right time? You may brush these occurrences off saying that they are merely lucky coincidences. However, students at Maharishi University of Management understand such events as validation of the principle that nature supports people who align themselves with it.

Recent PhD graduate, Stan Kendz, tackled this very subject in his dissertation, An Investigation of Consciousness-based Management and the Support...

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Maharishi University of Managment to Hold Third Annual Deep Green Business Symposium

Maharishi University of Management (MUM) will be hosting the third annual Deep Green Business Symposium on June 26 and 27, 2015, from 10 am to 4 pm, on the MUM campus in the Argiro Student Center’s Dalby Hall.

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MUM Student Testimonials: Luke Hillis

Alum Luke Hillis was thrilled with the quality of education he received at our university. He recently went on video to tell the world how he feels about Maharishi University of Management.

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Hosting the former Japanese Prime Minister at MUM’s 2015 Commencement

The 2015 commencement speaker at Maharishi University of Management’s graduation on May 23 was Dr. Yukio Hatoyama, the former prime minister of Japan.


Dr. Hatoyama has a PhD from Stanford in the same department from which I got my PhD, called Management Science and Engineering, though I arrived at Stanford a year after he had left. That may have been part of the reason that President Morris asked me and my wife Vicki, to host Dr. Hatoyama and his wife around the campus on the day before his speech—also,...

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Resilience and the Coexistence of Opposites

Resilience is most powerful when opposites are harmonized in a system. Peters and Waterman expressed this idea in their seminal book In Search of Excellence (1982) as the concept of simultaneous loose/tight coupling. It is also central in Maharishi’s teaching about the coexistence of opposites, which is a characteristic of Creative Intelligence, which grows as consciousness expands due to the practice of Transcendental Meditation (SCI Manual, 1972).  What do I mean? In this blog post I will explain. This post is somewhat abstract, so I will try to make it...

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