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Welcome from the Chair of the Department of Management

At the core of all our degree programs is a profound understanding about human development.

It is within the capability of any man or woman to develop the quality of enlightenment, which is a life free of stress and strain in which one spontaneously acts rightly, in accord with the evolutionary needs of one’s environment, in accord with natural law. The human development that makes this possible is development of the most profound nature of one’s being, the wakefulness that supports all experience: consciousness itself. The science and technology of this approach to management education is Consciousness-BasedSM Management.

The implications of this approach to management education are extraordinary. Human resource management is something more than selecting, training and compensating employees; it becomes the process by which people get 200% of life, inner happiness and outer fulfillment. Sustainable business becomes something more than empowering stakeholders, reducing pollution and redesigning products; deep green sustainability is about developing the ability to act spontaneously in harmony with nature.

We welcome you to look around our web site. See the degrees we offer—certificates, bachelor’s, MBA and PhD. Learn about the scholarship of our faculty, our international partnerships, and the projects our students are working on.

Through Maharishi’s new insights into the mechanics of action from the level of silence to utilize the infinite skill of nature for unlimited success, business and industry in every nation has the means to unfold the infinite creativity of every member of management and labor for the fulfillment of every individual, the prosperity and progress of every industry, and the self-sufficiency and invincibility of every nation.

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Welcome to the College of Business Administration

Department chair, Vicki Alexander Herriott, talks about the business program at MUM.

Vicki Herriott
  • Chair of the Management Department
  • Associate Professor of Law and Government

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