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To graduate with a minor, students must successfully complete 20 credits of course work as follows:

4 credits of one of these courses:

FA 201 Art and Nature

Art and Nature: Expressing Art from the Source of Natural Law through Interdisciplinary Exploration of the Beauty and Wonder of Nature

Students gain an appreciation for the mechanics of creation as experienced in the natural world and within the realm of one’s own awareness as they engage in creative expression and the making of art. Through the experience of an ongoing interdisciplinary project, inspired by their observation of nature, students prepare a unique aesthetic presentation. Topics include drawing from nature, photographing nature, design and camouflage, math in nature, music in nature, the language of nature — Sanskrit, perceptual exercises, bird-watching, and earth and environmental artists, including Goldsworthy, Long, and the Harrisons. Materials fee: $35. (4 credits) Prerequisite: STC 108/109

FA 141 Art and the Self

Awakening the Transcendental Basis of Artistic Genius by Expressing the Full Range of Life in a Self-Portrait

Students delve into the creative process with focus on the self-portrait. To learn about the history of the self-portrait, they view some of the most famous self-portraits in Western art by Dürer, Rembrandt, van Gogh, Anguissola, Vigee-Lebrun, Kollwitz, Escher, and others. Then they create their own. Through lectures and readings on art by Maharishi, students come to appreciate art from the deepest perspective — that all art originates within the Self of the artist, and they verify this from their own experience as artists. Topics include principles of design and drawing. Students learn to use and combine the simple elements of line, shape, tone, and change of direction to foster self-expression. (4 credits) Prerequisite: STC 108/109

plus 4 credits of:

  • FA 203 Understanding Art and Media OR an art history course

plus 12 credits of art courses

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