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Maharishi Universityof Management

BA in Art

BA in Art

Creating art is the process of bringing the unmanifest into the real world, of bringing to life your own unique perspective. It’s more than just brushing paint onto a canvas or molding a lump of clay.

To create great art, it’s crucial to understand the depth of your own creative process. What is the unique way in which only you create?

The secret to self discovery

As a student in MUM’s BA program, you’ll practice the Transcendental Meditation technique daily. This evidence-based technique reduces stress, enhances clear thinking, and gets you in touch with pure consciousness—the deepest, most authentic part of yourself—to help you create your best work yet.

Immerse yourself in art

In our block system you’ll study one full-time course per month, giving you the time you need to dive deeply into each subject. You’ll be immersed in each studio class without the stress of juggling multiple courses and assignments.

Consciousness-Based community


MUM’s experienced faculty will constructively support your artistic growth and with personalized guidance and feedback. Our tight-knit, uplifting community of students will join you on your quest for a deeper creative truth.

You’ll graduate familiar with the unique talents and creativity that only you can bring to the world, ready to pursue the career of your choice in art.

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Program recognition

“The MUM undergraduate BA program has an incredible art faculty that have a clear vision, extraordinary teaching skills and a deep, rich knowledge of contemporary and historical art. They are artists/teachers that have taught their students to become strong, inventive, passionate art makers.”

— Susan Chrysler White, Professor of Painting and Drawing, University of Iowa

Featured classes

Self-exploration is at the heart of an MUM education. Through our unique system of Consciousness-Based Education, you’ll connect each discipline to your own life and see how they all tie together.

Renaissance to Contemporary Art

How has the art of the past influenced modern artists? Delve into the most inspiring creations of Western art and architecture from the 1400s to the present and experience great works for yourself on a field trip to a major art center, such as Chicago.

Understanding Art

The greatest art works give glimpses of the goal of all creativity and inspire people throughout time. This course cultures a deep appreciation for the arts through intellectual knowledge and direct experience, including field trips to art museums.

Traditions of World Art

Journey through the glorious traditions of world art, including Indian, Chinese, Islamic, African, and Native American works. Topics you’ll study include Taoist and Buddhist sculpture, African ritual objects, and Native American artifacts.

Painting 1

You’ll be immersed in the fundamentals of drawing and painting, learning how to pull inspiration from a variety of subject matter. You’ll develop technical artistic skills as well as a conceptual and critical understanding of the language of painting.

Featured work

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