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Creating art is the process of making the invisible visible, of developing and delivering a point of view.

It’s more than putting paint on a canvas or forming clay.

Creating art is related to self-discovery while understanding and locating the depth of your own creative process.

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Immerse yourself in art

In our block system you’ll study one full-time course per month, giving you the time you need to dive deeply into each subject. You’ll be immersed in each studio class without the stress of juggling multiple courses and assignments.

Faculty and peer support

MUM’s experienced faculty have a track record for supporting your development as an artist. Personalized guidance and feedback from faculty artists and peers creates an atmosphere that supports your experience and understanding of the practice of art.

The secret to self discovery

As a student in MUM’s BA program, you’ll practice the Transcendental Meditation technique daily. This evidence-based technique reduces stress, enhances clear thinking, and gets you in touch with your inner self—the deepest, most authentic part of yourself—to help you create your best work.

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Featured classes


Renaissance to Contemporary Art


How has the art of the past influenced modern artists? Delve into the most inspiring creations of Western art and architecture from the 1400s to the present and experience great works for yourself on a field trip to a major art center, such as Chicago.


Ceramics 1


You’ll study the entire process of ceramics, from making clay to firing pottery, while improving your pottery skills and learning to express your own inner nature through art.


Art in Nature


In this class, you’ll take a new look at what art means by creating art outdoors using natural materials. Along the way, you’ll refine your perception of the natural laws that structure nature and consciousness.


Painting 1


You’ll be immersed in the fundamentals of drawing and painting, learning how to pull inspiration from a variety of subject matter. You’ll develop technical artistic skills as well as a conceptual and critical understanding of the language of painting.

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