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Maharishi Universityof Management


Public service is not an add-on activity at MUM— it’s part of the DNA of the University. As mentioned in our Vision and Founding Goals, we have always been part of an initiative to bring greater happiness to the entire global population. And we are one of the primary intellectual custodians of the technologies of consciousness that are designed to bring that about.

That goal implies a larger scope of both intention and responsibility than found at most institutions of higher learning. We engage in research to document the potential for greater health, happiness, and academic insight, based on the techniques we have in hand for expanding human consciousness. We also conduct ongoing programs in the group practice of those techniques, in the interest of personal growth, national strength or invincibility, and global peace.

We are avid academic paper, book, and article writers and publishers in documenting the scientific, academic, literary and artistic implications and results of the development of higher states of consciousness.

Once you have experienced the benefits of these programs in your own life, a desire naturally follows to examine, study and write about it, and to share and enjoy it with others.

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