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Maharishi Universityof Management

IA Program

9232796104_b326687014_oOne of the most intriguing initiatives supported by Maharishi University of Management is the Invincible America Assembly (IA Assembly). As has been explained elsewhere on this site, the experience and understanding of the Transcendental Meditation® (TM) program is one of the core elements of student life at our school. There has been ample research on the beneficial effects of the TM® program on many aspects of mental, physical, and emotional well being. In addition, a number of studies have indicated positive effects on cities and countries where large groups of people have gathered to practice the TM program and an advanced practice, the TM-Sidhi® program.

The IA Assembly is an outgrowth of such studies. Since it has been shown that group practice of the TM and TM-Sidhi programs has a beneficial effect on larger populations, and since it has been established that such effects occur even if the square root of 1% of a population performs this group practice, even a group as small as 2,000 people can have an affect on the entire United States.

The effects noted in the studies include decreased crime rate, fewer accidents, and reduced international conflict. By reducing the collective stress of the nation, these programs increase the integrity of the country as a whole, making it less subject to strife from within and attack from without. In short, the country becomes more invincible.

Invincibility simply means that no one can or will attack. But it also means a nation at peace. A truly powerful nation does not need to attack, because it is not and will not be threatened.

In other words, the Invincible America Assembly is, in essence, a peace initiative. By increasing the strength of the country and reducing its collective stress, the IA course empowers the nation to both be at peace and to have a peaceful and powerful collective effect on the world community.

There are a number of full-time participants in the IA course in residence in Fairfield, and they gather together twice-daily in one of the most distinctive features of the campus, the Golden Domes, in order to engage in the collective practice of the TM and TM-Sidhi programs.

Participation in these twice-daily sessions is also available to students who have taken the TM-Sidhi course. It is a meaningful, enjoyable experience to engage in such an uplifting collective initiative for personal, national and global benefit.

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