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Maharishi Universityof Management

Planning Process


The current phase of our Master Plan started two years ago when the desire for a pedestrian mall in the middle of campus inspired us to seek help from a Seattle-based landscape architecture firm called Site Workshop. In order to consider the pedestrian mall they realized that they needed to understand how it would fit into the bigger picture of our campus. Thus they created the foundation of our current master planning process. Looking at the big picture, they helped identify the opportunities and challenges of our particular campus, and to lay out five main principles to guide any further development:

  1. Campus as Garden
  2. Unique Districts
  3. Clear Circulation
  4. Sustainable New Development
  5. A Campus Center

During 2012 Maharishi University of Management undertook on a long-term project to create a Campus Master Plan. With the strong support of the Board of Trustees, MUM contracted with the landscape architect firm Confluence who picked up where this study left off, coming up with a more detailed and comprehensive plan to help us achieve the five principles as we grow and improve our campus.

Confluence took steps to:

  • Build consensus of our goals and vision for the future.
  • Tie the improvement of our physical campus to the University’s strategic plan.
  • Create a clear and detailed path to building a campus that embodies the 5 principles listed above from the original campus framework study.

This process took place over six months with a series of meetings with Confluence. Over time, Confluence presented their designs, with each phase narrowing the options and adding another level of detail.

There were two committees that reviewed their proposals and gave feedback to Confluence: the Stakeholder Committee and the Core Committee.

  • The Stakeholder Committee included representatives from all the various groups who use the campus.
  • The Core Committee is a small sub-group of the larger Stakeholder Committee and has the key people needed to make binding decisions in order to move forward.

The process began with a community-wide Master Plan survey giving everyone interested in the University’s future a chance to express their opinion and ideas.

We now have an excellent Campus Master Plan that you can review.


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