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In the 2013 Fall semester, 1,221 students were enrolled, including 77 in South Africa studying via distance education.

Enrollment has now topped 1,200 for several years in a row. The total includes over 200 new students who arrived this fall.

Of those enrolled, 381 are undergraduate students and 859 are graduate.

Distance education students, both in Africa and the MA professionals programs, continue to comprise a large segment of the student body, numbering 566, while the number of Fairfield-based students is 655.

Again there are more students originating from countries around the world, 791, than students from the U.S., who number 430. Some 80 different countries are represented.

Enrollment increased even further in October, when approximately 70 new students arrived to study in the MS in Computer Science program.

Fall 2013 represented the 40th anniversary of MIU/MUM first offering classes in Santa Barbara in 1973, when 130 students enrolled.

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