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There are many reasons to conclude that Maharishi University of Management has an effective learning method.

One reason is the MUM emphasis on Consciousness-Based education: see more. Consciousness-Based education integrates a proven technique for self-development into our curriculum that is profound, unique, and effective at providing a fertile ground for learning.

MUM is also one of only a handful of U.S. colleges that teach one course at a time. While other schools require students to juggle as many as four or five classes at once, the MUM block system allows students to go in depth into just one field of study at a time. This is much easier on the brain and allows for deeper learning and better integration of new knowledge. (Plus, there is no finals week…)

Also, our professors continually monitor and adapt the best educational practices available that have been accepted and developed in higher education today, including active learning, individualized study, project-based learning, and writing across the curriculum, among others. In short, MUM students have access to the best educational methods available today, some of which are only available at MUM.

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