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Maharishi Universityof Management

Campus Tour

For photos and floorplans of student dorms, see this Housing department page.

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MUM Campus Tour

Let some of our students give you a tour of the campus and a taste of the good life at MUM.

Argiro Student Center
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Argiro Student Center

Houses the dining hall, student lounge, mailroom, lecture halls, and cafe

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Arts Center

Media and Communications and Arts Classes

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Sustainable Living Center

Uses principles from Maharishi Vedic Architecture, Building Biology, LEED & the Cascadia Living Building Challenge

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McLaughlin Building

Home of the MUM Computer Professionals Program

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Gate Ridge Court

Home of the Business Department and other offices

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Maharishi Veda Bhavan

Veda Bhavan means "place of knowledge" in Sanskrit.

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Recreation Center

Visual tour of The MUM Recreation Center

Dreier Building
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Dreier Building

The Dreier Building is home to Admissions, Registration, Student Services and classrooms

Henn Mansion
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Henn Mansion

Henn Mansion, built in 1857, now houses the HR office and more

MUM Library
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Maharishi University Library

140,000+ volumes, 220 Journal subscriptions, web access to much more.

Patanjali Mens Dome
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Men’s Dome at Maharishi University

Men's Dome for the group practice of the TM and TM-Sidhis program

Bagambhrini Ladies Dome
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Bagambhrini Golden Dome at Maharishi University

The Women's Dome for the group practice of the TM and TM-Sidhi program

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