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Maharishi University of Management (MUM) is named after the school’s founder, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. You can read an introduction to his work here.

But why “management”? Does this mean we’re a business school? We do have an undergraduate business major and an MBA program, but we offer a number of other fields of study as well.

Management refers to the principle that every facet of our lives requires skillful management. We need to properly manage our health, our relationships, our careers. We need to manage our families, our communities. We need to manage the organizations we serve. We need to manage our country and our planet.

When we do not manage things properly, we make mistakes, creating problems and even suffering for ourselves and others. With skillful management, on the other hand, we’re able to fulfill our desires with greater ease while simultaneously fulfilling the desires of those around us.

When we look around us — at the challenges we face in terms of health, government, the environment, our ability to live together peacefully, and many other areas — it’s apparent that we need to increase the management skill we bring to every aspect of life. It’s clear that something has been missing from education.

Education at MUM furnishes this missing element. The foundation of education here is development of consciousness (see Consciousness-BasedSM Education).

This approach cultivates students’ creativity and intelligence from deep within — and the greater your creativity and intelligence, the stronger the foundation you have for proficient management.

Development of consciousness also means growing in the ability to think and act in harmony with natural law, so that natural law supports you in fulfilling your desires and everything you do is spontaneously life-nourishing at all levels.

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