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Maharishi Vedic Science

What is Maharishi Vedic Science?

Maharishi Vedic Science is the science and technology of consciousness. It has its source in the ancient Vedic tradition of India. The term “Vedic” is derived from the Sanskrit word “Veda” which means “knowledge” — knowledge of the field of pure intelligence that is the source of all the diverse fields of knowledge.

Integrating Veda and modern science.

Vedic Science brings together the ancient Indian tradition of knowledge (Veda) and discoveries of modern science to understand fundamental questions about life.

Who am I? Where do my thoughts come from?

The seers of the Vedic tradition looked inside themselves to find answers to questions like: “Who am I?”,” Where do my thoughts come from?”, “What is the source of  my creativity?” They found that underlying their thoughts, perceptions, and actions is a field of pure intelligence, a field of Being, of “I am”.

IMG_1841.163125A non-material field underlying change.

Similarly,  modern physics has concluded that underlying the diversity of  matter is a non-material field whose self-interactions generates time, space and observable forces and particles. Both approaches identify a non-material field that underlies observable change.

Experience of transcendence in world religions.

Comparable descriptions of life are found in the writings of masters and saints of major world religions. This common experience of inner transcendence is a common theme in all the world’s religions.

What is the value of Maharishi Vedic Science?

Maharishi Vedic Science helps you experience and understand higher states of consciousness.

It also develops the qualities most important for whatever career you embark upon.

Through Maharishi’s techniques and knowledge for development of consciousness, you’ll gain a better understanding of yourself and your place in the world — not just intellectually, but by directly experiencing your own inner nature. Explore universal, fundamental principles — and acquire self-knowledge for growth, transformation, and success in life.

By experiencing your own pure consciousness, your thinking and actions will become more coherent, harmonious, and rewarding. Students often remark how “things just start to go my way” as they gain the ability to fulfill desires from inside themselves. Ultimately, our world is a reflection of who we are — everyone shapes his or her own reality.

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What is Vedic Science?

"Rather than looking outside to understand life, Vedic Science looks inward to the Self." - Dr. Fred Travis

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The unity of life

Professor Sue Brown, Ph.D. MVS isn't just talking about unity -- she gives direct experience of unity, develops it

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Sarina Grosswald, Ed.D. is an ADHD researcher who discusses her interviews with TM kids.

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