Discrete Mathematics 2013    
Presentation of Student Projects
- "Boolean Algebras and Combinatorial Circuits" by Michael Chandler
- "Counting Techniques" by Sebastian Martinez, Julian Worland, and Mendaralew Kassa
- "Recurrence Relations" by Jaimini Boender and Michael Fitzgerald 

Pictured from left: Michael Chandler, Julian Worland, Mendaralew Kassa, Sebastian Martinez

Pictured from left: Jaimini BoenderMichael Fitzgerald  
Intermediate Algebra 2013    
Presentation of Student Projects
- "The Absolute Value Function" by Anand Stuttgen
- "History and Proof of the Pythagorean Theorem" by William Schlee
- "Complex Numbers" by Thomas Rosser

Pictured from left:  Anand Stuttgen and William Schlee. 

Intermediate Algebra 2010    
Presentation of Student Projects
“The Golden Ratio in Nature, Art, and Architecture” by Arti Rosamond

“Vedic Knowledge and Beginnings of Mathematics: Euclidean Geometry and Beyond” by Adrian Rivero



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