Classes in the MBA in Accounting include:

Auditing for Financial Accountants

You will learn how to verify the authenticity of corporate financial statements and enhance the confidence of investors. Topics you will study in this class include audit engagement planning, verification and testing of internal controls, and other topics covered in the CPA Exam.

Business Intelligence and Data Mining

This course covers the fundamental concepts of managing and mining data to support business decision making and drive business value. Topics include analysis, design and development of data warehouses; data mining tools and techniques, and more.

Lean Accounting Transformation

You will study how to support Lean Management transformation by preparing reports that will facilitate analysis and decision-making and learn how to implement Lean Management techniques. This course includes case studies, guest lectures, articles, and field trips.

US and International Accounting Practices

In this course, you will learn how to be an international accounting professional in the USA workplace. Students review US-GAAP procedures for accounting for payrolls, uncollectible accounts receivable, and marketable securities, as well as other important topics.

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