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What is Health?

What is HealthHealth can be seen as happiness and wholeness. When a person is feeling good and enjoying life without disease or illness, then he or she is considered to be healthy. Health is also an integrated state of physical, mental, and social well-being. Health is thriving. Having abundant energy to function well in regular daily activities and enjoying meaningful personal relationships. To be healthy is to experience inner fulfillment and outward productivity on a regular basis, and to live your full potential as a human being.

The Basis of Health
But how do we develop health itself, other than by getting rid of disease? Be your self.  This answer to comes from Maharishi Ayurveda, which is based on a 5,000 year old system of medicine from India. The word Ayurveda is Sanskrit for the knowledge of life, or longevity. Maharishi Ayurveda defines health as wholeness of being, or an enlivenment of The Self (or Atma in Sanskrit).  

Connecting The Feeling of Wholeness
"The Self" is that quiet, still, unchanging part of your inner nature, the calm center within you that experiences peace. One way that you can consistently experience that inner silence, the value of the Self, is by practicing the Transcendental Meditation (TM) program.

By experiencing this easy and natural settled sense of peace and centeredness through daily practice of the TM program, you release stress from the nervous system , which creates a foundation for happiness and health. This foundation contributes to a dynamic state of health that naturally wards off disease like a glowing force field that shields your being from unwanted, negative influences.
Creating Health
Anything that obstructs your connection to the Self, or anything that creates discord or noise in the body-- poor digestion or lack of sleep, for example-- lessens your signal or connection with your true nature, which is one of happiness, or bliss consciousness. An organic whole food diet, proper digestion, good sleep, frequent exercise, and the Transcendental Meditation program allow us to experience peace and happiness, which are part of our true nature. By cultivating, inner happiness, or bliss, we automatically make better choices for our health and lay a solid foundation for increased longevity.  Happiness, wholeness, and feeling good is our natural state, and by setting up a daily routine to re-culture this natural state in the body and mind, everything becomes easier and easier, like sitting up on top of a slide and then just letting go, experiencing greater states of bliss all the way down.

Supporting these foundations of natural health and happiness is the essence of what Maharishi University of Management (MUM) provides to all its students with Consciousness-Based Education. In addition to its unique approach to natural health,  MUM also offers a Physiology and Health undergraduate degree. There are a total 14 undergrad degree options and opportunities on the Masters and Ph.D. levels.

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