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Sustainable Living
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Sustainable Living Videos    

Why here? Sustainable Living at MUM (4:20)

At MUM, the Sustainable Living program starts with the basics: personal growth and a holistic systems approach to building sustainable communities. "If you don't change very much on the inside, nothing very much is going to change on the outside."

Sustainable Living Center (1:57)

Using wind and solar, this building produces more power than it uses. Building materials are mainly local, from the whole aspen trees that support it to the 25,000 earth blocks providing thermal mass. The roof catches rain; the entire south wall is a greenhouse as well as space for student projects.

Green from the Inside Out: Re-connecting with Natural Law (1:39)

Global warming, resource depletion, pollution: eco-catastrophe can come in many forms, but it always has the same cause - we've lost our own connection with natural law, with our own nature. Lonnie Gamble, professor of Sustainable Living, Maharishi University.

MUM Organic Farms (2:57)

Maharishi University has its own organic farm, which supplies up to 90% of the University's produce in the summer. It's part of our commitment to sustainability and to fresh organic vegetarian meals on campus.

MUM Students Build Adobe House (4:50)

For their October 2013 Natural Building class, a group of 12 MUM Sustainable Living students traveled to the Texas desert, where they spent 11 days constructing a 14 x 14 ft. adobe house made primarily from local materials.

Wind Generator: Student Project (4:33)

Sustainable Living students at Maharishi University build a wind generator from scratch. The design was largely based on the axial-flux design found on www.otherpower.com.

Organic Honeybee Hives (1:03)

Alex Kachan explains the importance of honeybees in sustainable agriculture. Interview by Helena-Grace Treadwell.

Native Prairie Restoration (3:20)

As part of Maharishi University's "green" commitment, we are planting and maintaining several areas of native prairie on campus. This video shows a half-acre plot in north campus, plus burning to prepare 7 1/2 acres more prairie.

Solar Oven (2:38)

Sustainable Living students at Maharishi University designed and built a solar oven from a 55-gallon drum.

Solar Golf Cart (2:16)

Sustainable Living students at Maharishi University renovated an electric golfcart and added solar panels as a supplemental energy source.

Biodiesel: Student Project (2:38)

Sustainable Living students at Maharishi University created a biodiesel processor.

Solar Van (1:43)

One of Maharishi University's Sustainable Living projects: rebuilding a solar van.

Clay Oven (1:30)

Sustainable Living workshop director Mark Stimson explains the students' clay oven project to a Visitors Weekend.

Sustain Angoon Documentary (8:04)

In 2010, a grant was obtained to find solutions to the current energy challenges facing Southeast Alaska. Faculty and students from MUM's Sustainable Living Department went to Alaska to work on the project.

A Deeper Green - the Inner Connection (1:58)

To live green, you have to think green. That's the real environmental challenge: How can we get people to think green?

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