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Student Life Videos    
Basecamp 2012 video
Basecamp 2012 (3:50)
In the fall, Base Camp is in the beautiful Current River wilderness area in Missouri's Ozark Mountains for canoeing, camping, hiking, and swimming, emphasizing cooperation, learning outdoor skills, and having fun. Note: Base Camp is single gender; men had their own Base Camp experience the following week.

organic vegetarian meals
Organic Vegetarian Meals (4:20)
Our dining hall serves a wide array of organic, freshly-made vegetarian and/or vegan entrees, from home-style pizza to Chinese stir fry, from Mexican to Indian -- all with fresh-baked breads and desserts. MUM Farms provides much of the produce and our milk, yogurt, and ice cream is all local and totally organic.

Intro for International Students
MUM: An Introduction for International Students (6:37)
"Here, learning is easy and effortless, so you feel good, you feel happy -- you feel fulfilled, alive." International students explain (in their native languages) MUM's unique approach to higher education, Consciousness-Based education. English subtitles.

Our international community
MUM: Our International Student Community (6:29)
"We came from all different countries, different backgrounds, different faiths, but we celebrate our differences together." International students at Maharishi University talk in their native languages about their experiences here. English subtitles.

Advice from Veterans
Advice from Veterans at MUM (3:40)
Veterans at Maharishi University give their advice on going back to college and the G.I. Bill: Capt. Gene Hunt, Sgt. Supriya Vidic, and Spec. David George.

A town like no other - Fairfield, Iowa video
A Town Like No Other -- Fairfield, Iowa (6:02)

Fairfield has been named:

And it's become Iowa’s center for the arts and entrepreneurship.

Day in our lives video
A Day in our Lives: MUM Students (6:54)
What's it REALLY like being a Maharishi University student? A couple undergraduates invite us along for a day on campus....

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