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Consciousness-Based Education Videos    
Why We Came to MUM (4:00)
An alternative university: self exploration, active learning, sustainability, natural health, organic vegetarian meals. Consciousness-Based education focuses on developing each student's inner potential through the natural, effortless practice of Transcendental Meditation.

Expanding your Ability to Learn (:46)
Why is Maharishi University's approach to education fundamentally different from any other college? Sustainable Living professor Lonnie Gamble explains MUM's emphasis on developing students' creativity, awareness, and ability to learn.

Visitors Weekend at MUM (2:48)
What happens during a Visitors Weekend at Maharishi University?

    Relating the Outside to the Inside (2:31)
    Vedic Knowledge, the science of self exploration, integrates outer reality with inner reality. The Western scientific approach gives us knowledge of the world outside, but that only comes alive when it is related the reality of the inner self.

    What's Been Missing from Education? (1:35)
    A conversation with Dr. Fred Travis, brain researcher and professor at Maharishi University of Management. University Law Forum (1968).

    David Lynch: Consciousness and Creativity (4:24)
    Filmmaker David Lynch explains the connection between consciousness and creativity.

    What is Consciousness-Based Education? (3:12)
    MUM students and faculty talk about their experiences with our unconventional approach to education. At MUM, Consciousness-Based education connects everything you learn to the underlying wholeness of life.

    One Course per Month: the Block System at MUM (2:14)
    MUM students talk about the "block system" -- taking one full-time course per month at Maharishi University.

    Finals Week - It's Crazy (2:31)
    Brain researcher Dr. Fred Travis explains the effects of Finals Week on the brain. "Universities have done everything possible to make sure you can't remember what you learned in one semester to go on to the next."

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