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2014 Commencement Highlights with Jim Carrey    

Jim Carrey gave the commencement address to Maharishi University of Management’s class of 2014 and received an honorary doctorate of fine arts. Maharishi University of Management granted degrees to 285 students representing 54 countries.

More Videos    
Take a Campus Tour (2:27)
Start with the Argiro Student Center which features a 300-seat auditorium, two dining halls, student café, student lounge, banquet room, bookstore, mailroom, and offices for student-related activities. It incorporates advanced green features that qualify it for LEED certification: heat exchangers, daylighting, extra insulation, and nontoxic materials.

Oprah Interviews MUM Alumni, Navy Seal Troy Van Beek (2:56)
Sustainable Living alumni Troy Van Beek was interviewed by Oprah Winfrey during her visit to Maharishi University in 2012. Meet other students, as well.

Jerry Seinfeld and Bobby Roth Discuss TM on Good Morning America (3:57)
Jerry Seinfeld and Bobby Roth talk about their experiences with Transcendental Meditation on the Good Morning America show. Watch them and other videos about Transcendental Meditation.

Why We Came to MUM (4:00)
An alternative university: self exploration, active learning, sustainability, natural health, organic vegetarian meals. Consciousness-Based education focuses on developing each student's inner potential through the natural, effortless practice of Transcendental Meditation. Students and faculty discuss this unique educational experience.

Intro for International Students
An Introduction for International Students (6:37)
"Here, learning is easy and effortless, so you feel good, you feel happy -- you feel fulfilled, alive." International students explain (in their native languages) MUM's unique approach to higher education, Consciousness-Based education. English subtitles.

Sustainable Living at MUM (4:20)
At MUM, the Sustainable Living program starts with the basics: personal growth and a holistic systems approach to building sustainable communities. "If you don't change very much on the inside, nothing very much is going to change on the outside."

MUM Student Film Showcase (:57)
Watch the student film, Fruitface, by Ace Boothby. And view others by our undergraduate Media & Communication students. We will also be posting videos from our David Lynch MA in Film soon.

knowledge of the knower video
Maharishi: Knowledge of the Knower (4:01)
There are two sides to knowledge: the object of knowledge, and the knower. Present education provides knowledge of the object but misses knowledge of the knower. (speaking to the American Association of Higher Education; Houston, Texas; March 1973). Watch this and other clips of Maharishi's talks.

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