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Sustainable Living
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  Program Directors

  Lonnie Gamble

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  Travis Cox

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  Department Chair

  David Fisher

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The Sustainable Living Undergraduate Program Mission

The overall Mission of the Sustainable Living program at MUM is to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and development of consciousness they need to help design, build, and maintain sustainable communities at the local, regional, national, and global levels. We aim to develop the next generation of leaders to move our world towards a more sustainable planet. Our program aims to give every student a broad, high-level education they can utilize in any area of industry or community service.

The program is centered around a set of core courses that cover the full range of sustainable living.  From that knowledge base you will have the opportunity to choose an educational track/concentration within key areas: energy, policy, agriculture, deep sustainability and the built environment.

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Quick links to key details

  • Vision Mission, Goals and Learning Outcomes – For a comprehensive presentation click and scroll down to view our chart.
  • Program Learning Outcomes - Our program learning outcomes for each course are set out in a second chart. To view this chart, click and scroll down.
  • Consciousness Based Education - Like all other MUM programs, the B.S in Sustainable Living provides a thorough training in the principles and practices of this unique educational approach. 
  • Assessment measures – We have two primary assessment measures that gauge each student's learning accomplishment at the end of the degree program. They are a 2 to 3 month senior project and an exit exam. The senior project is a capstone project in which students are able to draw together their learning and take it to a new level using their own organizing power. Projects usually have a physical outcome (eg an integrated permaculture design for a farm) and a paper. The exit exam is part oral, part written. It tests the degree to which students have gained a broad understanding of the issues in the field of Sustainable Living. 
  • Graduation requirements – Graduation requirements for our undergraduate program.
  • Double Major - The Sustainable Living Major can be combined with any other undergraduate program to create a double major. There are also options to do a minor in Sustainable Living and other programs.
  • Masters in Sustainable Living - We are currently developing a Masters program which we aim to launch in the Fall of 2014. For more details email dfisher@mum.edu
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