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In Fairfield, many believe in “thinking globally and acting locally”. Many in our community are striving to create a better world and have started right here in our own community and local government. Through these efforts Fairfield is quickly becoming known as a model for sustainable planning nation wide.
Go Green Plan The Mayor City Council

The Go Green Plan is a strategic initiative spearheaded by some of Fairfield’s most passionate civic leaders. The plan offers three broad goals for the community:

Create and maintain the sustainability culture

Create jobs, wealth, and opportunities for investment, with sustainable development

Achieve sustainable community design, public policy, and infrastructure

Go-Green Plan Website ->

Ed Malloy is the mayor of Fairfield as well as on our board of trustees at MUM. Ed Malloy, was named by MSN.com to a nationwide list of 15 “green” mayors. Malloy describes the city’s agenda for sustainability as aggressive, and includes a Green Strategic Plan covering everything from conservation, local farms, local food, alternative transportation, bike paths and trails. The hope, according to Malloy, is that Fairfield will become a model community for small cities interested in creating a sustainable city environment.

Chamber of Commerce ->

Many of the sustainable initiatives in Fairfield pass through council meetings before implementation. A few recent achievements include the addition of a dedicated bike lane along Burlington Ave., the downtown Revitalization Project, and the installation of L.E.D. Traffic Lights. Anyone is welcome to attend city council meetings and hear the latest developments for the City of Fairfield.

Fairfield City Hall ->

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