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Fairfield has thriving arts and culture scene. From art galleries to street corner music, Fairfield has it all. There are many places and events to find inspiration and showcase talents and creativity. Below is a list of highlights from Fairfield’s art and culture scene:

Art Walk Arts & Convention Center Farmer’s Market
The Art Walk is held the first Friday of every month on the square. On any given Art Walk you’ll have the opportunity partake in fresh made goodies from our local cooks, tour local art galleries, enjoy performances from local musicians and much more!

Visit Art Walk Website ->
Built in 2007, the Fairfield Arts & Convention Center is a gathering place designed to showcase a world of arts and culture. From October Fest to Way Off Broadway and the Sondheim Center Artist series, there is always something entertaining playing here.

Visit Convention Center ->
A weekly community gathering featuring locally grown vegetables and fruits, baked goods, herbs, handcrafts, flowers, bedding plants and other items. In the background you may see and hear people playing music, practicing yoga, or enjoying a wholesome picnic.

Visit Farmer’s Market ->

Abundance Ecovillage KRUU 100.1FM Radio The Beauty Shop
Abundance Ecovillage is a place where village design, energy, shelter, water, gardening, farming, waste recycling, and landscaping are done in a way that is in tune with natural law. All 20+ homes within the Ecovillage are off the grid and self-sufficient.

Visit Abundance EcoVillage ->
A solar-powered, open source, independent, non commercial, listener-supported, grassroots community low power radio station. 99.7% of the programs at KRUU are produced by some 100 volunteer hosts who create 80 shows a week.

More about KRUU ->
The Beauty Shop is a multi-purpose youth organized venue in Fairfield, Iowa, hosting live music, art shows, and other creative works. In addition to being a great place to hear awesome music, it just opened up a cafe offering coffee, tea, goodies, and WiFi.

Watch The Beauty Shop video ->
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