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Fairfield, Iowa is considered one of the most successful rural entrepreneurial communities in the U.S. It has quickly moved up the ranks of per capita income of Iowa counties from the 50th rank of in 1990 to 18th today. Jefferson County is the number one county in Iowa for philanthropy, and in the top five counties nationwide.

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Initiatives and Businesses that make Fairfield unique

Bonnell Building Project Everybody’s Thrift Stores

Launched in Fairfield, Iowa in October 2008 as a unique experiment in fostering empowered, passion-driven learning and action by community members, and especially young people.
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A locally owned whole foods store offering organic and some local foods. Find almost any specialty item here one might expect to find at a health store in a big city. Expect to be invited to a potluck as you peruse the isles of yummy food.
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My Lucky Day
The Bargain Box
Caritas Seeds Consignment
Eclectic Consignments

Yoga & Health Studios LEED Certified Hy-Vee Optical Fiber Internet

Synergy Yoga
Yoga for Life Studio
Open Space Studios
Morning Star Studio

In the spring of 2011 the new LEED certified Hyvee opened! Highlights of the new store include a food court featuring Chinese and Italian specialties; a first-aisle Health Market offering a wide selection of natural and organic foods and products; on-site dietitian; and expanded selections of produce.
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Fairfield and many local companies have been able to reposition themselves to compete more effectively in the global economy because of LISCO Fiber. Fairfield will continue to prosper because it has broadband technology to support innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurial skills.
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