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Energy Status - Live!

The Sustainable Living Center’s Current Electric Power Status


A key element of sustainable living is the transition to clean energy. We need to get away from polluting technologies like coal, natural gas and nuclear as quickly as possible.


The New Sustainable Living Center, opened in April 2012 is a Net Zero Energy building. This means that our net effect on the environment is completely clean – no climate-changing carbon dioxide, no mercury, no particulates, and no nuclear waste.


We have a 10kW wind tower and 3 solar voltaic arrays, also with a total power capacity of 10kW. Almost every day of the year these systems deliver all our electricity needs. On windless, gray days we will pull some power from the grid. But that is offset by the excess we feed in during the rest of the year.


E-Monitor Full Detail

If you would like to view the full eMonitor report on power use versus power production at the Sustainable Living Center, click here and login using:



USER NAME: sustaindemo

PASSWORD: lesspower


Feel free to explore the interface. Of especial interest are the sub reports that you can access by clicking the little blue squares by the blue power production gauge. They indicate wind and solar power production levels in real time.

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