Two Reasons Why
Sustainable MBA apply
Two Reasons Why    
1. Why study sustainable business?

In 2003, we were one of the first MBA programs to introduce sustainability into our curriculum. Back then, we had to explain what we were doing. Nowadays, you see sustainability and “green” business in advertisements everywhere. Almost all companies want to get onto the sustainability bandwagon, but where will they find the leaders who understand sustainability and can help them make the transition? They are looking for MBA graduates who know sustainability.

2. Why study sustainable business at MUM?

There are about a dozen MBA programs around the U.S. that have made sustainability their theme or a significant area of concentration. At MUM, sustainable business is our flagship specialization. Other schools “green” their curriculum by adding a seminar on the philosophy of sustainability and by turning their marketing course into “sustainable marketing” and their finance course into “socially responsible investing.” At MUM, we asked, “What does a graduate really need to know in order to be a sustainability coordinator for a company?” So in addition to the usual greened courses, we added offerings like Sustainable Technologies and Metrics for Sustainability and Leading Organizational Change for Sustainability, and we thought out of the box about the meaning of sustainable human resource management when we designed our course, Employee Health and Wellness.

We encourage MBA students to take internships in sustainability, and to get certifications such as LEED Green Associate. Our MBA’s are active in the nationwide Net Impact student organization.

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