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Sustainable MBA apply
Courses in the MBA Specialization in Sustainable Business
MBA students earn the specialization in Sustainable Business by taking at least 16 credits from among the following courses.
  • MGT5313 Socially and Environmentally Responsible Management (discription)
  • MGT5165 Metrics for Sustainability (discription)
  • MGT5681 Socially Responsible Investing (discription)
  • MGT5010 Organizational Change for Sustainability (2 credits)
  • MGT5881 Sustainable Community Development (2 credits)
  • MGT5121 Environmental Law (4 credits)
  • MGT5552 Employee Health and Wellness (2 credits)
  • MGT5781 Green Marketing (2 credits)
  • MGT5310 Sustainable Technologies (discription)
  • MGT5312 MBA Capstone Project (2-4 credits)
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