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Stress-Free College    
Seven Ways That College Can Be Stress Free

1. Making the donkey stronger

If you were climbing up into the Andes Mountains of South America, you could add more and more weight for your animal to carry - just another pack, just a bit more food, another water can, but eventually that animal will have had enough. 

Similarly, as a student you can add another course, add a part-time job, a challenging relationship, late night partying, bad food, and the onset of finals week, and eventually even the strongest personality will feel the strain, and maybe break down.

Here at Maharishi University of Management (MUM), we do have management courses (and a lot more!), but more fundamentally (and the real reason behind the name), we empower you to become stronger, to gain greater clarity of mind, a broader perspective, and more energy day by day. 

We don't just say "Here are your classes, we hope you can manage all of the complexities of scheduling, finances, grades, personal relationships and finals week, good luck." We give you tools of self-development so that you can handle or manage all that better. Not to mention getting rid of finals week (more on that later).

2. It's all about the consciousness

You might ask, what does consciousness have to do with school? Isn't it enough to just be conscious as opposed to unconscious — i.e., awake as opposed to sleeping? In a word, no. It's not enough to simply be awake, since there are levels of wakefulness, levels of alertness, as anyone who has somehow managed to get a good night's sleep will tell you. We've all experienced different levels of alertness during the day, depending on how well-rested we are. 

At MUM we feature Consciousness-Based Education, which means that we view the level of consciousness that you have each day as fundamental to your ability to function as a student, and to handle the stresses of homework, finances, human interaction, etc.

It is obvious that a more alert student makes a better student, and that an alert student is more likely to appreciate the richness and profundity of any academic field of interest.

3. There's a technique for that

All of our students and faculty practice the Transcendental Meditation® technique. The TM technique is a simple, natural, effortless process practiced 15–20 minutes twice daily while sitting comfortably with eyes closed.  Extensive published research indicates that this technique boosts learning ability and creativity, improves brain functioning, and reduces stress.

This is why we call what happens at MUM Consciousness-Based education — because we not only emphasize traditional academic disciplines, we offer the TM program and other technologies of consciousness to expand student abilities in both comprehending and assimilating knowledge.

4. One Class At A Time

At MUM we believe that you can go a lot more in depth in any field of study if you only have that one field to investigate at a time. That's why we function on a block system where you take one class a month. You get the same number of classes per year, and the same number of credits per semester, but you do it in manageable, integrated, in depth increments. 

And, as perhaps you will have noticed, there is no semester-ending week-long grind to review, reassemble and desperately reproduce for scrutiny everything you have learned in four or five classes at once – i.e., no finals week.

5. Stress-Free Routine

In addition to gaining the benefits of the TM Program (which by itself is a major stress management technique), our students also enjoy an organic vegetarian diet, and we encourage students to be in bed by 10 p.m. so as to be as fresh and alert and dynamic as possible the next day. 

Homework assignments can typically be finished in 90 minutes. This means you won't have to stay up late studying, which does not promote learning, good health, or well-being.

6. It's all about you

One of the challenges of most fields of knowledge is the increasing fragmentation of most disciplines in higher levels of academic inquiry. In some disciplines, there may only be a handful of people in the world who have a clear sense of what some people are investigating. There can also be questions regarding the personal relevance and the practical value of many areas of study. 

At MUM, we consider all human knowledge to be an expression of consciousness. Consciousness-Based Education studies the fundamental principles and dynamics of consciousness, and their manifestation as and connection to the core concepts of each field. This study offers a unified framework for all knowledge, a goal long sought by philosophers and educators.

All courses at MUM are taught in light of these unifying principles of consciousness. As a student here, you will gain
  • An understanding of each discipline at the deepest level.
  • A perspective that integrates the relationships among all subjects of study.
  • A sense of the connection of what you are studying to your personal growth of consciousness — knowledge will become more relevant.
Based on all that, you will increasingly experience and understand life as a whole. 

7. Stress-free college for a stress-free life

Don't get us wrong, it's not that you won't work hard at MUM. Courses at MUM are challenging and in-depth. In addition to the unique benefits we have described, you will get a useful, traditional education that will give you what you need to enter and succeed in your chosen profession. 

Our point is that neither your learning nor your life needs to be overwhelming in order to be successful. You do not really function better under stress. Challenges are good. But by strengthening the donkey, or in this case yourself, in terms of energy, clarity of mind, and with more consciousness, you can handle the challenges of both school and life without becoming stressed out about them. 

Contact or visit us and we'll talk more about it

As an undergraduate at a different university, I was often under pressure, stressed out and unhappy.

Finding MUM was one of the best things that happened to me. 

I learned the importance of a healthy routine and have almost forgotten what it feels like to be stressed out.

 I now see that life is blissful, even though my plate isn’t yet completely full. 

Everyday I grow and move towards more and more fulfillment. I feel great!

 - Krystle Liggins, Texas

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