Creating Your Brand: Your Professional Name and Email Address    
The foundation for career success could be said to begin with 'branding' yourself, clearly identifying yourself as the unique individual that you are. This might seem trivial but many have had a career opportunity derailed because someone else did not remember their name or email address or because the wrong impression was created by their name or their company's name or their email address.  For example, many actors or authors or entrepreneurs assume a professional name or nickname to be more readily and/or positively identified.  So many internationals whose names are difficult to pronounce or remember by Americans choose to use a professional name that makes it easier for them.  Email addresses are a particular source of misunderstanding.  Email addresses that might be suitable for casual correspondence sometimes project the wrong image when corresponding in a professional circumstance, such as applying for a job or soliciting a client.

You are branding yourself through your name and email address.  Choose your professional brand wisely.

Naturally, when you sign legal documents you should use your legal name, the name on your passport.
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