Video & Animation Showcase

Have some popcorn? Sit back and enjoy the show. We have compiled what we think is some of the best of our students' work. But there's still more that we haven't collected, and we're getting more all the time.

The Meteor by Daniel Iwanicki (3:48)

Genetic Roulette Trailer edited by Micah Salaberrios (2:26)

MUM Matrix by Hagen Rainbow and Sudevi Mossé (2:16)

Fruitface! by Ace Boothby (0:57)

The M News Team - The Vindication of Ronald Clay by Mark Hansen (11:47)      

Expressions of The Self Series: Beat Da Feet Hip Hop Crew by Coral and Melodia Morales (3:57)

Food Speaks by Nina Delicatess (5:48)

Awkward America - English is Weird  by Haiyin Liang (5:11)

The Baker by James Beuther and Matthew Johnson (8:20)

High Class Gluttony by Chamolie Thomson (1:28)

TranscenDance by Amalia Davidson, Coral Morales, and Melodia Morales (4:31)

Creative Film Project by Michael Valentino (1:24)

Choreographed by Maddy Koch, Performed by GeriLyn Paguia and Maddy Koch (3:28)

A Celebrity Happening by the Creative Filmmaking Class Students, April 2010 (3:56)

Scribbler by Melodia Morales (2:44)

#SHREDYRSELFCLEAN - Little Ruckus ft. Lane Weaver & Dakota Phannin by Dominic Rabalais (3:28)

Malek Salah by Amine Kouider (13:14). Winner of Iowa Motion Picture best student  film and Landlocked Film Festival.

Les drôles d'amitiés de Sudevi by Sudevi Mossé (10:34)

Tracker by Coral and Melodia Morales (10:07)

The Time is NOW Ewessy: A Happening by the Creative Filmmaking Class Students, April - May 2012 (12:56)

The River by Ted Walker, music by Radiohead  (3:26)

Inner Eye (Ojo Interno) by Melodía Morales (8:04)

Josie Overmyer - Bloodbuzz Ohio by Wade Koch, performed by Josie Overmyer (4:38) 

Exodus from Krynos by Michael Chandler (5:45)

We are Theo, Chapter 1 by Cullen Thomas and Geoff Boothby. (4:20) Winner of Silver Eddy award from the Iowa Motion Picture Association.

Ninjatown Zombies by Bradyn Smith and Matt Johnson  (3:58)

Wormtooth Nation, Episode 1 by Geoff Boothby and Cullen Thomas. (15:20) Winner of several film festivals and nominated for Webby.

Space Adventure by Nathaniel Alexander (7:31)

His Pursuit' Trailer by Wissile Sogoyou (1:36)

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