Mark Rainbow
Mark Rainbow
Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Email: mrainbow at mum.edu
Work Phone: (641) 472-7000 x4327
Home Phone: (641) 469-3184


  • More than 20 years programming and software development experience
  • Several years of experience teaching computer languages, operating systems and object-oriented programming


  • M.S.E.E. Biomedical Engineering, University of Texas, Austin
  • B.S. Microbiology, University of Iowa
  • B.A. Interdisciplinary Studies, Maharishi International University

Computer Skills


Proficient in C++. Experience with: C#, Forth, Lisp, Ada, Fortran, Basic


Microsoft Visual Studio, Eclipse IDE, Rational ClearCase, ClearQuest, FlexLM, Unified Modeling Language, WinRunner


Qt, OpenGL, Ace, Boost, Inventor, RogueWave

Operating Systems

MS Windows XP, Linux, Macintosh, Irix


Vital Images, Inc., Fairfield, Iowa and Minneapolis, Minnesota

Senior Principal Software Engineer


  • Technical lead in new product design/development for world-class medical imaging software for radiology and cardiology
  • Provided strategic planning for the executive team
  • Managed software configuration management (SCM) system
  • Coordinated system administration for engineering department
  • Skills: C++ programming, user interface design, medical applications

Director of Product Engineering


  • Managed all phases of product development, including hiring, training, coaching, designing and developing a state-of-the-art 3D CT/MR medical imaging workstation for radiology
  • Provided technical leadership in adopting new technologies: object-oriented programming, C++, Inventor, OpenGL, Motif, HTML, Postscript,, video, configuration management, defect tracking and development tools
  • Skills: Object-oriented design and development, software patterns, team building

Principal Engineer/Chief Engineer/Senior Software Engineer

1990-1994 Glazier Electronics Fairfield, Iowa

  • Designed/developed/maintained 3D visualization software for researchers in medicine, biological sciences, and oil & gas markets
  • Managed network and system administrations for 30+ users in all departments
  • Skills: Unix (SGI Irix) and Macintosh operating systems, C/C++ languages, networks, graphic programming (OpenGL)

Software Engineer

1987-1989 Micro Dynamics, Ltd. Silver Springs, Maryland

  • Wrote software tests for embedded avionics systems for flight control and collision avoidance
  • Skills: Ada language, Vax computers, real-time operating systems, embedded systems

Software Engineer

1984-1987 Texas Instruments Austin, Texas

  • Designed and developed new software features in a multi-user document archiving and retrieval system for legal services and office markets
  • Skills: Macintosh programming, Forth language, Postscript, device drivers

Software Engineer / Technical Trainer

  • Designed and developed operating system extensions and features for Lisp workstation
  • Trained software analysts, programmers, and field service in software languages and hardware maintenance
  • Skills: Lisp language, C language, SCSI language, Unix, Dos, course development, teaching

Other experience

  • Biochemistry Research Asst. (1980-1981)
  • Data Analyst (1977)
  • Teacher of Transcendental Meditation (1975-1979)


United States Patent No. 5,986,662 entitled "Advanced Diagnostic Viewer Employing Automated Protocol Selection for Volume-Rendered Imaging"Nov. 1999

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