Minor in Educational Foundations    

A minor in Educational Foundations allows students with an interest in education to develop an understanding of the fundamentals of education, including child development and learning, curriculum and assessment, and an understanding of contemporary American education.  Students who are interested in working in higher education or in fields such as business or community organizing can gain a strong background in the principles and practices of Consciousness-based education.

The following courses are required for the minor in Educational Foundations:

  • ED 400 Theory and Practice of Consciousness-Based Education (description)
  • ED 407 Stability and Change in American Education (description)
  • ED 420 Neurophysiology of Learning and Development (description)
  • ED 460 Consciousness-Based Curriculum Design (4 credits)
  • ED 435 Educational Assessment and Evaluation (4 credits)

    Like other MUM programs, Educational Foundations provides a thorough training in the principles and practices of Consciousness-Based education.

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