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How can candidates work for 2 years on an F-1 visa under University authorization?

A graduate student with an F–1 visa may be authorized by the University's Designated School Official (DSO) to participate in a curricular practical training program that is an integral part of an established curriculum. Students enrolled in graduate studies that require immediate participation in curricular practical training may work full time for up to two years. More information
Can our company retain candidates for longer than 2 years?

Yes, your company can begin the process of applying for an H-1B work visa for the employee after the first year of CPT work under University authorization. This could enable the employee to work in the U.S. for an additional 6 years (3-year H-1B visa and a 3-year extension).
How much processing time is required before a candidate can start working?

All processing is handled by the University and can be completed within a few days of receiving the job offer.
Does the employer need to do anything for the work authorization?

The employer requests the work authorization from the DSO. After that, the University handles all processing.
What are your candidate's qualifications?

All of our candidates have the following qualifications:
  • Have a minimum of two years work experience in accounting (candidates are given proficiency tests in their area of expertise)
  • Working toward their MBA with Specialzation in Accounting
  • B.S. degree in Accounting or related field
  • Proficiency in English
  • Gain knowledge rapidly and work effectively as a team member and individually
Can we contact candidates directly?

Yes, you can contact and hire all candidates directly.
Do you really charge no fees of any kind?

As a nonprofit university-funded service organization, we charge no fees to employers or candidates.
Are the candidates willing to relocate?

Yes, on very short notice.
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