Wired and Wireless microphones at MUM Venues    
We do not recommend the use of the wireless microphones in Dalby hall due to inherent problems with static, fadeout and interference from other devices.  Instead, we strongly recommend using traditional hand-held wired microphones.  Experience has shown that hand-held, wired microphones give the most consistent, reliable and high-quality sound.  For experienced mic users who desire a lapel-style mic, we have two wired lavaliere (lapel-style) mics that can give good results if used correctly.  For proper sound, these mics must be properly installed on the speaker (see the article below) and then carefully tested BEFORE the event.  It takes about 10 minutes to do this, so please be sure to allow for this time.

If you truly feel you must have wireless mics for your event, we do have a few that can be used only in Dalby hall: We have two wireless hand-held mics and one wireless lavaliere (lapel-style) mic.  If your event requires more wireless microphones, you will need to make your own arrangements.  All wireless mics require sufficiently-charged batteries to be correctly inserted into the mic.  We recommend using batteries that are 100% charged.

Note that Dalby hall is the only venue at MUM with wireless microphones.   We currently do not have wireless microphones in any venue except for Dalby hall.
Using lavaliere (lapel) microphones correctly    
If you intend to use a lavaliere (lapel) microphone please read this point
If you choose to have your speakers use a lavaliere (lapel) microphone, it's essential that the mic be placed very high on the speaker's tie or lapel, pointing directly at the mouth as much as possible.  If the microphone is kept down low on the speaker's tie or body, it is almost impossible to get good sound.
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