Internship Application and Approval Procedures    

Note: International Students should also see the Section entitled “Internships for Internationals”

Students must have health insurance coverage for both the round-trip travel and the duration of the international internship, whether the student is a U.S. or an International student.   

Application Form: You can obtain an Internship Approval Form in the Enrollment Center in the basement of Dreier or from Zhuo Jiang, Dreier Bldg. room 105 or find online at “Internship Application Form.”

Procedures for Applying for an Internship

  • The student fills out the top portion, noting how many units of academic credit have already been awarded for a combination of internships and directed studies
  • If an F1 visa holder, the student sees Nancy Watkins when the form has been filled out
  • The student states  information about the internship organization and the on-site supervisor on the form
  • The student meets with a faculty advisor and they together fill out the second page of the internship
  • The faculty advisor and the Department Head sign the form. If the Department Head is away, they can email their approval, or the Associate Chair can sign the form.
  • The student or faculty advisor delivers the form to Tom Rowe, the Registrar, in the Enrollment Center in the basement of Dreier or to Jan Sickler, the Director of Career Services in room 105 of Dreier.
  • The student should be aware that the minimum processing time may be two weeks from the time they turn in the form to the internship coordinator in Dreier Building. If they choose to go ahead before a decision is reached about the internship, they should be aware that they may not get credit for that internship, if the internship is not approved.
Procedures for Approval of an Internship

  • The Dean of Faculty’s office must approve the on-site supervisor who has been submitted online by the faculty advisor
  • The Academic Standards Committee meets every Tuesday afternoon to consider applications (if there are any questions the committee returns to the student and faculty advisor for clarification)
  • Tom Rowe, the Registrar, notifies students of the committee’s decision
  • If approved students sign an agreement form if they are going to be out of town for the internship
  • And a longer, international agreement form if the site for the internship is abroad
Procedures for Extension of an Internship

In an extension of an internship request, a new internship form is filled out with all signatures from faculty advisor, and department head.

  • the faculty and student write a summary or a set of bullet points to attach to the form describing the achievements of the previous block of the internship, and
  • then on the second page of the internship form, describe what the new set of deliverables will be
  • The summary of the previous block is for the purpose of conveying information to the ASC, so they can make a determination if the new block will be used for further achievements, and if the student made enough progress in the previous block.
  • If the student is an International F1 Visa Holder, the International Student Advisor (Nancy Watkins) must agree to the extension and sign the extension form before it is approved by ASC

Role of ASC in Internship Approval

  • The Academic Standards Committee is introduced to the proposed internship form by Tom Rowe, Registrar, or Jan Sickler, Director of Career Services, once all other processing and approvals are complete.
  • This should take place at least one week before the next block starts. At this time, the ASC meets on Tuesdays, so the last opportunity to introduce an internship would be the last Tuesday before the new block. If possible, proposals should be introduced the previous Tuesday as ASC may have questions to ask of the student or the faculty advisor…
  • ASC deliberates about whether the internship is worthy of academic credit, etc.
  • ASC checks to see that the student has maintained sufficiently high grades (and is not on probation for any reason) to go out on an internship (not a predominance of incompletes, no-credits and class withdrawals).
  • They may also have questions about the location of the internship and suitability of housing arrangements.
  • When ASC believes that the internship will be a valuable opportunity, having considered the above issues, they will sign the internship proposal form and return it to Tom Rowe, the Registrar.

Questions may be directed to Tom Rowe, Registrar:                                                                                          
The Enrollment Center                                                                                                                                                                 
Dreier Bldg. Basement                                                                                                                                                                       641-472-7000 x5514                                                                                                                            

or to Jan Sickler, Director of Career Services:                                                                                                               
Dreier Bldg Room 105A                                                                                                                                                                     641-472-1151                                                                                                                                               

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