Graduation Requirements for the PhD Degree in Physiology    
To graduate with a PhD in Physiology, students must successfully complete all general requirements for the doctoral degree (please refer to “Requirements for a Doctoral Degree” in the “Academic Policies” portion of the current MUM catalog). As part of these requirements, students must successfully complete the following degree requirements:

Core curriculum
  • Four credit hours of research methods (Available at MUM)
  • Four credit hours of statistics (Available at MUM)
  • STC 508 Science and Technology of Consciousness (STC 108/109 may be substituted upon approval of department)
  • Two of the following courses:
PH 260 Maharishi Self-PulseSM Reading
PH 262 Diet, Digestion, and Nutrition
PH 263 Maharishi YogaSM Asanas
Upon successful completion of this core curriculum, students will be advanced to PhD Candidate status. Students will then write their dissertation proposal:
Upon successful completion of this course, which culminates with the written proposal, students will advance to the PhD Researcher status and then enroll in PHYSI 701 Dissertation Research.

The PhD degree will be awarded to a PhD Researcher once the following steps have been completed:
  • Presentation of the dissertation findings in a formal lecture with an open public forum for discussion.
  • Acceptance of dissertation by the Graduate School and the Library.

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