Graduation Requirements — Mathematics Track    

In addition to the requirements below for the B.S. in Mathematics, students need to satisfy the general requirements for a bachelor’s degree.

To graduate with a B.S. in Mathematics, students must complete 56 credits of required courses as follows:

  • MATH 200 Mathematics and Infinity
  • MATH 272 Discrete Mathematics
  • MATH 281 Calculus 1
  • MATH 282 Calculus 2
  • MATH 283 Calculus 3
  • MATH 286 Linear Algebra 1
  • MATH 351 Probability
  • MATH 423 Real Analysis 1
  • MATH 431 Algebra 1
  • MATH 490 Senior Project

Plus 8 credits of mathematics courses numbered 267 or higher

Plus 8 credits of electives chosen from the following:

  • any mathematics course numbered 267 or higher
  • any physics course numbered 210 or higher
  • any computer science course numbered 200 or higher
  • MGT 314
  • Note: Math courses numbered 299, 399, and 499 may or may not be used towards the above requirements, depending on the content.
In addition, in their final year, students in the Mathematics Track are required to
  • Take the Educational Testing Service Major Field Test in Mathematics and submit their results to the Department of Mathematics. This is usually done during the course MATH 490.


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