Lee Fergusson
Name: Lee Fergusson
Field: Environmental Remediation
MUM Degree: PhD, Maharishi Vedic Science, 1991
Notable achievement: Founding a university in Cambodia
Books authored: 2
Professional Journals Published In: 15+
Conference Keynote Speeches Given: many

Lee Fergusson is very good at running multimillion-dollar companies — when he’s not founding new universities in places like Cambodia or
Australia, or authoring studies used by governments to establish national environmental policy.
A graduate of MUM in 1991, Lee began his career in higher education, shifted gears midway into telecommunications, and eventually found his real passion running an environmental remediation firm in Australia.

As Chief Executive Officer of Virotec International Ltd, Lee manages overall operations and oversees large-scale projects that neutralize environmental pollutants and contaminants for international clients. Virotec is headquartered in Australia, the U.S. and the U.K.

A thought leader at the forefront of his field, Lee has been a featured speaker at conferences in Hong Kong, London, Cannes, Barcelona, Colorado Springs, New Orleans, and Washington, D.C. His articles and papers on mining, sustainability, and waste have been published in more than 15 professional journals. His work aided the Australian government in joining the Asia-Pacific Partnership on Clean Development and Climate. He authored two books, ViroMine Technology: A Solution to the World’s Mining Megawaste and Virotec: A Ten-year Story of Success in Environmental Remediation.

But Lee wasn't always focused on creating innovative ways to rescue soil and water supplies. His early career was spent in higher education and telecommunications. In the early nineties he worked with the Royal Government of Cambodia to establish a new university in Preah Veng province (assisted by his wife, Anna Bonshek, an artist and educator) which has since graduated more than 2,000 students in business, management and agriculture majors. The husband and wife team also established a similar school in Melbourne.

During his telecommunications phase, in the mid nineties through 2001, Lee ascended the ranks to serve as president and CEO of USA Global Link, Inc., a $2 billion telecommunications company, and later, as CEO of Global Online India, Inc., then a $500 million NASDAQ-listed company.

Interestingly, Lee’s undergraduate degree at MUM was in visual arts. After he graduated, he worked as a successful artist. But it wasn’t until he enrolled at MUM as a mid-career professional that he came to realize that working as an environmentalist was to be his life's work.

“I can honestly say that studying at MUM was the turning point in my career,” says Lee. “The focus at MUM is on the development of consciousness, which means that everything presented was learned in the context of my own consciousness. It was totally relevant and fresh. I had never experienced anything as profound in a learning environment before that.”

Lee goes on, “This approach felt like a fulfillment of all that education could be."

Lee feels that a higher education curriculum lacking in consciousness
development is incomplete. “Without that, education is nothing more than fact gathering and, if you are lucky, skills development. Nowhere in modern education does a concern for the health and well-being of the student come into the picture as well as it does at MUM.”

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