Goodman, Rachel Spigel
The Maharishi Effect and government: effects of a national demonstration project and a permanent group of Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi program practitioners on success, public approval, and coherence in the Clinton, Reagan and Bush presidencies

Order No. 9735103

The purpose of the dissertation was to examine the effect of large groups of individuals practicing the Transcendental MeditationÎ (TMÎ) and Transcendental Meditation- SidhiÎ programs together (known as the "Extended Maharishi Effect") on success and support for government. Studies assessed the impact of these large groups on both short and long term trends.

The first study assessed the impact of the National Demonstration Project (NDP) in Washington whose purpose was the creation of a coherent environment for government. Predictions of the NDP were lodged with an independent review board comprised of criminologists and sociologists from six universities, civic leaders and the police department. Predictions included increased success and support for President Clinton and improved quality of life in Washington.

Nine variables investigated these predictions. All nine variables showed a significant increase in positivity after the start of the NDP which reversed the negativity prior to the NDP. Measures included Clinton's approval ratings, media positivity toward the President, variables indicative of social stress: emergency psychiatric calls, hospital trauma, police complaints, and accidental deaths and a social stress index. Bipartisanship in Senate and House utilizing ANOVA and Tukey's HSD on roll call votes exhibited a significant increase between the pre and post measures.

The results were replicated with three Presidential administrations (Clinton, Reagan, and Bush) showing a significant impact of TM and TM-Sidhi program groups at Maharishi University of Management, the NDP, and numbers at similar large assemblies held in the 1980's. Variables analyzed with time series transfer-function analysis were presidential approval ratings, media positivity, and U.S. interactions with other countries.

Both short term results of the NDP on approval ratings and other variables and the longer term studies support the hypotheses of the NDP on government variables lending support to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's original predictions that coherence in a social system can be enhanced through large groups generating the Extended Maharishi Effect. Source: DAI, 58, no. 06A, (1997): 2385


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