Muehlman, John M.
Maharishi's Vedic mathematics at the elementary level: improving achievement, affect, and mental mathematics through Vedic sutra based computation

Order No. 9431798

Maharishi's Vedic Mathematics offers a new, holistic approach to mathematics and mathematics education. Its range extends from the most basic skills of counting and computation to the precise understanding of how the unified structure of pure consciousness knows and thereby quantifies its own infinite status. At the primary level, Maharishi's Vedic Mathematics includes arithmetic operations based on Vedic sutras, the origin of number in the self-interacting dynamics of consciousness, and Maharishi's Transcendental MeditationΠtechnique.

On one level, the Vedic sutras describe actual algorithms for computation. However, Maharishi explains that on a deeper level, each sutra or aphorism produces a high degree of coherence and orderliness in the brain facilitating the rapid and precise solution to the computation. Their use in conjunction with the other technologies of Maharishi's Vedic Mathematics cultures the ability of the mind to function from the level of pure consciousness--the unified field of all the laws of nature-- while involved in solving a specific mathematical problem. This brings harmony with natural law, perfect accord with all the laws of nature.

Results from this empirical study of Vedic sutra based computation at the third grade level indicated that the general method of Vedic multiplication gave rise to significantly higher achievement scores, better retention, more mental mathematics, and greater overall enjoyment than the standard approach to multiplication. Also, results related to checking indicated that students were able to detect significantly more of their incorrect answers with the Vedic Check method as compared to the standard method of checking. After all students involved in the study knew both techniques of multiplication, 75 percent stated that they liked the Vedic sutra based approach the best and preferred to learn more about it next year.

Based on these results and the research review of Maharishi's Transcendental MeditationΠand TM-SidhiΠprogram, a foundational area of Maharishi's Vedic Mathematics, there is reason to conclude that Maharishi's Vedic Mathematics connects mathematics to pure consciousness and develops the students' ability to think and act in accord with the total potential of natural law while solving mathematics problems. Thus, Maharishi's Vedic Mathematics is a means to develop the students' full potential, enlightenment, as they grow in the skill of computation. Source: DAI, 55, no. 07A, (1994): 1861


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