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Sustainable Living majors lead the evolution of sustainable wisdom by developing their own successful ventures, guiding established companies and organizations towards more sustainable futures, and bringing sustainable practices to the greater community and culture. They are working in a wide variety of jobs around the world including cutting edge research work in applied soil ecology. Our program is the only program in the United States that is offering the knowledge and opportunities to do this type of research.

Nelina Loiselle    

One moment in particular stands out from Nelina Loiselle's (BS, Environmental Science) college days at MUM. She had an important decision to make that required a tough choice: face her fear and go forward or pull back and play it safe. The outcome of that decision would help shape her future. Nelina had no problem mastering the complex architectural rendering software required in her directed studies program. But when asked ... READ MORE

Vincent Bataoel    
As an MUM undergraduate, Vincent Bataoel (BS, Environmental Science) understood how to use a college education to launch a career. The career he wanted was clear: sustainable building construction. What he needed was a path to get there. So, as part of his directed studies, he researched the many environmental standards certification programs available, and after weighing the pros of cons of each, settled on becoming a ... READ MORE
Troy Van Beek    
As a U.S. Navy SEAL and paramilitary security specialist, Troy Van Beek (BS, Sustainable Living, 2009) has been to some of the most dangerous places on the planet. He was lead sniper on the president of Afghanistan’s security team. He rode on hostile roads notorious for car bombs and IEDs — commonplace when working in the Middle East. “Ninety miles an hour with your hair on fire was how we lived,” he says. He was good at it. But ... READ MORE
My time at Maharishi University of Management (MUM) and specifically in the sustainable living program accelerated significant self-development in my life. Many variables helped me to improve as a person, as well as deepen my awareness of the most fundamental aspects of life including meditation, wonderful people searching for a deeper meaning, and an education in the field of sustainability. My sustainable living professors ... READ MORE
I feel that my sustainable living degree helped prepared me to start my own business because through out my education I saw seemingly impossible projects manifest from nothing with creativity and elbow grease. My degree made me acutely aware of efficiency, resources and systems. I have been delighted to discover these concepts have been equally helpful when translated into a business setting. READ MORE
What some of our graduates from the last few years are doing:    
  • Owner of a Pie-baking Company in Oregon
  • Co-owner and CEO at AboveGreen
  • New Morning Farm Appreticeship (one year) wants herbal certification
  • Iowa State University in Fall, 2012
  • Masters of Design Studies, for Architectural Historic Preservation at the Boston Architectural College
  • Account Executive at Kapost in Boulder, CO
  • Freelance graphic design, Fairfield, IA
  • Consultant for Radius Eco-Consulting
  • Served in the Peace Corps Paraguay Environmental Education program and worked as head technical trainer for the Environmental sector volunteers.
  • Director of Construction Administration for AboveGreen
  • Owns and operates a farm in Uganda
  • California Youth Energy Services – instructing youth on energy conservation and community outreach and education (will be a summer gig)
  • Asa Folkhogskola College in Sweden
  • Sustainably remodeling a house, and driving around in a truck fueled by veggie oil!
  • Director of special projects for the Sustainable Living Program, MUM
  • Co-owner and CEO of AboveGreen
  • For an energy company in Australia called Steplight
  • Applying for the Masters in Education Innovation program starting this fall
  • Pursuing Masters in Sustainable Food Systems for AU in Mongolia, and teaching English
  • Warehouse Manager Green Building Supply, Fairfield IA
  • Lives and works in Toulouse, France. Tours with the music group Rock Paper Scissors
  • Permaculturist in Fairfield
  • Grad student at MUM
  • Web designer and yoga teacher in Austin, Texas. Traveler.
  • Whole Foods, Chicago
  • Soil Rehabilitator at an organic free range cattle ranch in CO
  • Co-owner of Galaxy Ninja, web marketing consultants
  • Director of Technical Services for AboveGreen
  • David Lynch Foundation/Techie
  • Seattle Urban Farm Company, installation manager
  • Grad School Appalachian State University
  • Pursuing MBA in Sustainable Systems, Bainbridge Graduate Institute
  • Managing Director of Earth Circle Sustainable Energy LLC
  • President, Renewable Energy Expert at Ideal Energy Inc.
  • Studying at San Francisco Baking Institute
  • Past: Working for Iowa Renewable Energy
  • Project Consultant for DreamChange, a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a better world for future generations, by building cultural bridges between people, societies and corporations. Also a freelance writer, green business consultant, and eco-fashion model based in New York City.


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