Frequently Asked Questions    
Am I eligible to take a course offered through the Consortium?
Any student who is already in the MBA program at a member institution may take a course offered through the Consortium, subject to availability.

Are any Consortium courses available online?
Some are and some are not. See the description of each course.

Do I need to go through an admissions process with the school that hosts a course?

No. As an MBA student at a Consortium member school, you are automatically eligible to take any of the courses listed in this Consortium Catalog.

How do I register for a Consortium course?

The course description in this catalog lists a Contact person who will handle your registration and assist you in the procedure for paying tuition and fees.

What will be my status as a student at the institution that hosts a course?

As a visitor to the host school, you will be a “non-matriculated graduate student.”

How much will it cost to take a course?

Each Consortium member sets their own fees for the courses they offer in this catalog. The fee is indicated in the course description.

Can I use my financial aid to take a course through the Consortium?

Yes. When you indicate your intent to register for a course at a host institution, the Contact person at the host institution will fill out a Consortium Agreement Form and send that to the Financial Aid Office at your (home) school. This will permit you to draw against your federal financial aid eligibility to pay the expenses of a Consortium course. When the host institution confirms that you have started the Consortium course, your home institution will issue the financial aid funds directly to you, and then you must use those to pay the expenses of your course.

How will I pay the host institution to take a course?

Host institutions will likely prefer that you pay by credit card when you register.

If a course is offered only in residence, can I get help finding housing at the host institution?

Yes. The Contact person for the course will help you find housing and food during your stay.

How do I get credit for the course in my home MBA program?
When you have completed the course, the professor will issue a grade. Then the host institution will send a transcript to the Registrar at your home institution who will accept the credits and grade as graduate transfer credit.
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